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Single ready to mingle

10:41 am Friday, 11th January, 2019

Well... Being a single man here,  I must admit to u all that life is not easy for you here in the website.  But,  I am not here to cry over that.  I would like to share an experience of mine with you. 

I met a couple here in the site,  not couple actually because it is the husband who manages the profile always.  

Hi pinged me with a plan to surprise his wife as it is her b'day.  According to him the lady wants to try 3some and swinging, but couldn't take a final decision.  So I planned accordingly.  

I suggest the husband to tell her he ordered a massage service for her at her home on her b'day and leave the rest to me.  And he did accordingly.  

I visited their home on time and arranged the room with scented candles, aroma oils, romantic music and all other such stuffs. After helping me with this the husband went out to pick his wife from office.  When she opened the room what she saw was the arranged room and the music. 

Both of them went into the room and the husband invited me after 5 minutes.  She was ready for the massage by then... I am leaving the rest for your imagination... 🙂  

But guys,  my point is why most says NO to single males like us??  I think it's because of the deeds of some ppl amongst us.

In my opinion take them seriously,  don't play behind their back,  don't try to indulge in their personal affairs,  do respect them,  respect their privacy.  These things will help you get a second chance...  But for that long awaited first chance... What you should do??.  I too don't know that. 🙂 

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