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Online Dating Protection

1:15 pm Thursday, 10th January, 2019

As the adverts on this site say, there's no such thing "Online Dating Protection" or "Online Dating Clearance"

2 people I've have chatted to for a while and then organised meeting have then asked for the above.
They send a link and say just fill out page 1 and 2 (credit card details) , then we'll meet.

PLEASE Meet sensibly
What I'd suggest

1. Meet in a public place.
2. Tell a friend where you are going or even take a friend to the initial meeting.
3. Have that friend check in with you part way through your meet to make sure you're alright.
4. Have a code word, with your friend who checks in, which means "You're not alright, get help"
5. Take a photo together, send it to your friend and also your phone will probably upload it to back up.
6. Contact your friend afterwards to let them know how it went and that you're safe.
7. Write a verification for the person you met.

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