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From the start to my new experience in a dress and heels

7:26 pm Wednesday, 5th September, 2018

I have been wearing lingerie since a teenager. At first it started with knickers, bras and tights. In my ****'s I managed to get a range of different lingerie including baby doll, camis, suspended belts and stockings. At the same time I also purchased my first sex toys for some anal fun.

Finally, after what seems like ages of wanting, thinking, and looking I got my first few dresses - some sexy black ones. To go with the dresses I also got my first pair of heels. After taking some photos of myself in the dresses, I definitely think the heels make the outfit. Some of the dresses were difficult to put on, especially being on my own. I haven't quite figured out the walking in heels part.

One of the unexpected things I got whilst putting on the 3rd (last dress I tried on), was the pleasurable sensation I got. I am not sure if it is usual, but as soon as a I put it on I became highly aroused and very turned on. I was trying on the dresses to get some photos and see how they looked. I enjoy taking photos of myself and taking videos when I play with myself.

I have a few more dresses, lingerie, skirts and tops in my wishlist. Looking forward to getting them, although I will need to wait a few weeks first. I will keep you updated about what I get and when.

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10:09 pm Friday, 7th September, 2018

Hi sexy

12:10 am Saturday, 15th September, 2018

Always Been like this. It's just so right and femme

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shy, single and looking for friends and some fun

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