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An Explosion of Lust

1:29 am Wednesday, 29th August, 2018

Have you tried having sex with no physical contact and yet your in the presence of eacth other? Telling all the stories that you both have, while teasing on a gesture basis. Being sensual without the sense of touch. Being close as thin as a hair. Feeling each other without touching skin to skin. 

Eager to focus on what you have to say. Being at the moment where you drool in your mind that something might explode. Blood rushing through your veins. Heating up every part your body. Wanting still to be in control of your lust gushing everywhere to never get distracted.

And then, suddenly...

You started to cheat by slowly connecting your senses. Believing that it won't matter, just to feel the skin and nothing could be wrong. Trembling and shaking of that animal instinct that you've been keeping for so long deep inside of you. While the other one still insists you continue to talk and tell him/her more. That feeling inside of you makes you wanna grab everything and squeeze it to your body and explode to your senses.

And then when you finally can't handle and control all those emotions, you give in, you blast off kissing, touching where ever your hands and body can go through. Making your sense go all over the place. Beasting out all those horniness that you have. Releasing all your energy. Making that night, the most satifying make-out of your life.

The end. 

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11:50 am Wednesday, 29th August, 2018

Does phone sex counts? 

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11:12 pm Wednesday, 29th August, 2018

Nope. Its says in the first line. "In the presence of each other". Being together electrifies your mind and body. Theres a big comparison when you experienced this.

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1:37 am Friday, 31st August, 2018

nicely written

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