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Sensual connection of the Mature

12:22 am Monday, 27th August, 2018

I am visualizing  a scene of sensual connection between two mature individuals of the opposite sex who have had no physical touch in their lives in the recent past . I see myself indulging in providing sensual touch to a relatively mature lady , starting with a soft touch to her fingers ,hands, arms ,neck, hair and coming down to cheeks and lips and then repeating all as a caress to the back and thighs ,legs, abdomen and rising to the bosom .
She starts breathing slightly heavy and fast and I feel her heartbeat is rapid . I kiss her and she reciprocates . Then she goes sensual on me and eventually we cuddle and caress and kiss each other fervently till the highest peak of emotional excitement  is reached with moaning , sighing and lastly  loosening ourselves to complete relaxation ,physically , mentally and emotionally !      
I can actually let this happen with a willing and desirous female partner . A professional therapeutic whole body massage can also be arranged for the one who likes to experience massage for the first time . Pleasuring is the name of the game !      💏💏😍😍😊🤗😀👌👍✌️🤑🤑

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