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What is sexiness really about?

11:29 am Saturday, 25th August, 2018

There's an old story of a keen angler who died, and then found himself on the bank of a broad, clear river. Next to him was a bag in which there was a rod, line, hooks, bait and everything else he needed.

He started fishing and in ten minutes had two trout. Five minutes later he reeled in a magnificent salmon. He thought he must be in heaven.

Hours passed. The pile of fish at his feet grew. Every time he dropped the hook in the water a shoal of fish came and gave themselves up.

Then he realised that in fact he was in hell. The fish were coming by the hundred, but the skill in catching them, which had been his pleasure in life, was no longer needed.

The same applies to seduction. The full frontal, everything showing, photo is not nearly as attractive as the image which hints, subtly, at the sensuous person beneath. Let's have a little mystery, a suggestion that I will have to work hard to make a lady remove her clothes.

Hard things are more difficult to do and worth more when you have done them. Give me back the thrill of the chase.

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