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Grinding my way to an orgasam on a dance floor

2:23 pm Friday, 17th August, 2018

A typical night out would involve dancing but the best kind of nights involve a little bit of grinding. This is a story about a decade ago when my newly bought Honda Civic was a chick magnet. I didn't know what it was about a black car that turned on girls, maybe the speed, maybe the fact that it's hot to drive a fast car back then. The fact that I had a car boosted my ego. Maybe the new found confidence or just my luck.

Usual night at a night club this girl bumped in to me on the dance floor, she was trying to get away from someone and hit me by mistake. I laughed held her and asked if she's trying to get my attention or does she want any help. She smiled and said maybe a dance to get some random guy off her back. So I did help her (i mean me) and made some of my moves on the floor. She was not drunk but tipsy and I was high enough after a bottle of Vodka  that I made some seriously close dance moves which she got worked up for. Her hand in my hair, her waist against mine and her butt rubbing away on my dick, it was like a porn movie. With many strangers staring at me, guys with jealous grins and women with judgmental thoughts we did put on a good performance.

I wasn't doing anything that she didn't want to do, her skirt was up to her knees and I can feel her sweaty cleavage against my face when I go down on her. She tasted delicious I thought as I licked her neck and she quivered and hesitated a bit. We started making out and boy she was wild. I have never been groped in my ass while I was making out and she was just amazing.

To forward this to the end, we resumed dancing and I could see her legs shining, sweat pouring down her knees and on to the floor. It took me a while to realize that she wasn't sweating, she was wet and it was dripping on the floor. This tan tall girl with amazing hair was now shivering while we swayed slowly but passionately. She couldn't take it anymore and she dragged me out to the car park of the club. It was a long walk out and I was too exited to notice the bulge in my pants sticking right out. As we got out we made out some more until she decided she wants to go home.

We said our byes and parted our ways. Didn't know her name, didn't get her number, didn't even try to explain what happened. She walked out and got in a BMW and drove away. Something hot about doing that with a complete stranger with pure attraction and nothing else. When she got in a her BMW, I understood why chicks dig cars.

Can anyone relate?

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