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My first MMF and my first anal fuck

4:28 pm Tuesday, 31st July, 2018

This is the story of how I lost my anal cherry and had my first MMF experience
Stop here.
It’s the right post code.
Call for directions.
OK got that.
Heart beating nineteen to the dozen.
There’s the house.
Park the car and lock it.
Walk up the path, knees knocking.
Cock throbbing.
He opens the door and welcomes me.
Big smile, very friendly.
Chat about this and that.
We have some places in common.
She comes downstairs.
Black fishnet stockings, basque and a loose top.
Looks terrific.
She shows me to a ready drawn bath.
Strip off and clean myself thoroughly.
Get my cock warmed up.
Enter bedroom, drop towel, lie on bed naked.
She is waiting, calming me.
Takes my cock in her mouth.
It hardens more.
Her tongue licks my helmet.
He enters and drops his jeans.
There it is.
A magnificent fully erect uncut cock.
He invites me to suck it.
At last I have my first real cock in my mouth.
I savour it playing with the foreskin with my tongue.
Sucking it as far as possible into my throat.
Tasting every moment.
She moves a bit closer whispering encouragement still massaging my cock.
She removes her top and exposes her breasts for me to touch.
A finger finds her cunt and starts to massage it.
More gently she warns.
My finger moves to her clit and caresses it with the gentlest touch I can manage.
His beautiful cock is still filling my mouth.
Suddenly he removes it and inserts it into her cunt.
A few strokes later he offers it to me so I can taste her juices.
She moves me to where she can sit on my face.
He takes over stroking and licking my cock.
My tongue finds her clit and begins to lick slowly and carefully.
The usual delightful taste of cunt.
What was that?
A bitter taste in my mouth.
Could she be about to gush?
Feels like gallons of fluid pour from her cunt into my mouth and all over my face.
She is amazing!
Now he prepares to fuck me.
We try a couple of dildos but I insist on having his cock.
She is encouraging me to go for it.
I feel his magnificent cock pushing at my arse.
I relax my sphincter.
I feel him enter me.
Not sure how much cock I’m taking.
More cheer leading from her.
She really gets off on this.
Bum hole a bit numb now.
I feel her tits.He still pumping away.
After a while I can take no more and he stops.
Approval of my first anal fuck from both of them.
He asks where I want his hot cum.
In my mouth.
I suck him a bit more.
Enjoying his fabulous foreskin.
She resumes playing with my rigid cock.
He pulls away and wanks until he’s ready to fire.
His engorged cock enters my mouth and I feel and taste his hot spunk shoot out.
I swallow what I can but there’s too much.
God that was good!
She has been watching closely, enjoying the view, keeping me stiff.
She wipes the excess spunk from my face with a cloth.
They take it in turns to suck me off.
My god I’m ready to explode!
Cum! Cum! Cum!
Cum covers all of us.
I run another bath and clean myself up.
Back downstairs.
A nice cuppa tea!

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11:00 pm Wednesday, 1st August, 2018

So so hot my friend,  love to do that W with u....

9:24 pm Thursday, 9th August, 2018

Sounds perfect just what my husband wants also.

9:25 pm Thursday, 9th August, 2018

Lol apart from the tea,coffee instead xx

11:36 pm Thursday, 16th August, 2018

Very good

12:44 pm Sunday, 10th March, 2019

Fantastic story, thanks for relating it, obviously a great deal of enjoyment was had by all.

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