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Our first real cuckold experience - 2

10:04 pm Saturday, 7th July, 2018

This is about the second step of our cuckold adventure.

Thanks to R an****her voyeurs, our jogging hour became so nice and hot that we never missed it. Everyday after jogging, we used to have a casual chat near the car park. There we talked about the voyeurs an****her erotic stuff. Sometimes we talked about the hard-on that some old gu****d after gazing at my wife. Sometimes R himself praises the sexy curves on my wife's body. Some times it's about new ideas to make this hour more erotic.

One day R came up with an idea. That is, everyday he gives an erotic challenge to us which we can't refuse. I agreed at once and my wife reluctantly agreed. That day he came up with the first challenge as an example. First challenge was to tell openly the most desirable sex position to have with each other in opposite sex.

R: "Since Piyumi has a sexy big round ass, I love to have sex with her in doggy style. Then I can go deeper looking at these big buns"
R was looking at her big round ass while he was saying this.

My wife was a bit embarrassed by that direct and vulgar statement, but I got aroused by t****e: "I like when Piyumi rides me on top of me face to face" 

"Now It's your turn. You have two." R said looking at Piyumi. Piyumi struggled a bit and refused, but agreed after we insisted.

Piyumi: "With Piyal, I like to lay on bed with my legs spread wide." 

R: " With me?"

Piyumi: "mm.... doggy style is fine."
She said it quickly and looked away to avoid our eyes. 

R: "Thanks. That's the way I like it." R said while grining.

That day late night, we had sex in all three positions we mentioned earlier. When we were doing it in doggy, I told her to imagine that it was R who is fucking her. It went better than other days. She moaned a lot more before the second orgasm. I also did it faster and harder and had a marvelous pleasure.

Challenge 2:

The next jogging day challenge was given by R before we start jogging. I don't know how did R came up with that idea. He brought a single packet of a large size condom. R'****hallenge to Piyumi was to holding it in her hand while she was jogging that day. The challenge given to me was to use it with her that night.

Initially it didn't seem difficult. But after few minutes, Piyumi found it difficult to keep her finger****lenched for about **** minutes straight. She started to change hands time to time. Since the condom is of well known brand, anyone could identify it if seen. Therefore she had to take risks few times in changing hands. 

At the end of jogging R took the condom from Piyumi, gave a kiss to it and said "The condom I kissed now will touch your pussy tonight. So consider it as I gave a kiss to your honey pot."

My wife became a bit embarrassed by that. But she recovered and said "Then you have given a kiss to Piyal's body part too"
We all laughed.

That day night we did it as promised to R. It was also a great session. Since that condom is a bit hard, I could last more than other days. Therefore my wife enjoyed more. After the sex, I gave a ring cut to R. He was still awake. He called me back. 

"Did you do it?" he asked. 
"As promised. Yes." I replied.
R - "Is Piyumi around?"
Me - "Let me put you on speaker."
R - "Hi Piyumi, did you feel my kiss?"
My wife just giggled but didn't answer. After we hangup the phone, she teased me by asking "did you feel his kis****hallenge 3:

We were excitedly waiting for the next challenge. Next day after jogging, we gathered near our cars. R announced the new challenge.

R - "Piyumi has to get in my car while Piyal and my self are standing here. Then Piyumi has to remove her bra, leave it there and  come out bra-less. You have to go home bra-less. I'll wa**** and bring it next day."

"Oh my god!" Piyumi reluctantly looked around. There were many people around us at different distances. R unlocked hi****ar using his remote key. Since I insisted, Piyumi said Ok and got in the car. R didn't look at hi****ar while Piyumi was in it. It didn't take much time for Piyumi to remove her bra without removing her top. She is an expert in that. When she came out of the car we both looked directly at her breast. Boy! Her nipples were hardened. The****ve created two points on her ash color top. We could clearly see them. since the top was made out of a thin stretchy cloth, her boobs were swaying side to side and jiggling. Due to the sweat, the top had cladded to her skin at some places. It was a very sexy view. There was about **** feet from R'****ar to where we were standing. We both were gazing at her bouncing boobs until she comes near us. 

"Let's go home. "
Piyumi crossed her hands over her chest to cover hardened nipples. I saw that R was looking at her boobs which were squeezed by her hands.
Piyumi got in my car. We came home.  While driving home I looked at Piyumi's bust time to time. It looked more beautiful and sexier than before.

That night, R called us while we were having sex. After putting him in speaker, he asked "Is it OK if I rub my dick on this bra?".
Both of us were on heat at that point.
"No worries buddy. If you want, cum on them" I said.
"Hope you wa**** before returning it" then my wife said. At that time she was on top of me riding my dick. So we hung up quickly and continue our thing.
Piyumi was squeezing her boobs while riding me. She normally doesn't do it. She was doing this because she was thinking about the bra. (She accepted it later) She was moaning a lot. Her nipples were ver****rd through out.

It was a great night in terms of sexual pleasure for both of us.

To be continued....

(There are more challenges to come. Hope other couples also can spice up their sex lives by doing similar things after reading this.)

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7:55 pm Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

Can you guys read this?

3:54 am Thursday, 12th July, 2018

No we can't understand dear dea

4:38 am Thursday, 12th July, 2018

Great idea that last one, we might also try this......

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