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So how actually anal contact feels?!

4:32 pm Sunday, 13th May, 2018

Hi all dear females and shemales 🙂

Well i am taking oportunity to actually talk about how it feel and why this highly addictive act make me feeeel so gooodd..
Please give some reviews 🙂
Is it the fact that you touch your inner parts of body and that is sick right?and that makes you super kinky...or not normal??!!
When i do my needs..its feels good...i am emptying my self..
But or its more about to know my submisivity to my partner and think on that make me guilty free..and owed..
Because with anal there is always dirt involved..so can we lick,and suck,and give a hugggs with our cheeks..and we are so away of dirtyness..
What is that pure prolapse,or be open all day..why this turn us on?
So if girl closing her eyes..yes because licking her inner parts body feels for her and for me goooodddd..
Or is it that she realised how deep needs to go her loved person..so that she know how big love and trust there is??
Therefore submisivity is involved naturaly in all of us??
So is this how anal act,play,tease,streching,showing etc...
How is it feeel?

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I look for mum maybe dad...40-60 years ...

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