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A True Lesbian Summer - Part One

3:39 pm Thursday, 10th May, 2018

Melania was my former partner, a Greek goddess, the Aphrodite of my former life. I can't say that I miss her because ours was a stormy relationship, one that should have at best been avoided but for one thing - The memories.

We never fell in love, we fell deeply in lust. I met her while I was holidaying in Greece, visiting the homeland of my parents on the island of Lesbos, home of Sappho the poetess (now deceased). My parents were lucky enough to still own a small cottage in a coastal village called Melinta, about 20 kms drive from the islands second capital Plomari. A tavern, the only tavern, in Melinta served the freshest and finest tasting seafood around. It was here that I first laid eyes on Melania.

A little known fact about Melinta is a small, secluded cove that juts from the Aegean  and shoots up the white sandy shore, disappearing into a forty metre gap between a sheer cliff face. It's virtually impossible to spot from a distance. One has to happen upon it by accident, or have been told of its existence by some knowing soul. This ethereal location is a favourite site for nudist swingers, a gathering place for hedonists and the utterly decadent to explore  their erotic fantasies. One could nonchalantly sit next to a couple making love and watch as though watching a play or a movie in the theatre. If invited, one could even join in. 

It was a favourite place for male tourists to take their wives and watch as they were 
fucked into an orgasmic stupor  by sun-bronzed young Greeks who barely spoke a word of English. Naked men and women would sit or stand around and watch entwined bodies in sexual rhythm. Some would reach a point where they would start their own fuck session, while other men or women would watch and masturbate in a carefree, insouciant way, heedless of anything or any one.  Exhibitionism and voyeurism were the accepted and even the expected norm.

So how did I meet Melania. Melania was a waitress and daughter of the owner of the tavern. She had the biggest and darkest eyes I had ever seen. Her pupils were ebony, matching the colour of her long, flowing hair. She had perfect puffy lips that pouted when she was angry, and parted when she was horny. She was tall, a little large on the rear end, but otherwise slim and curvy at the same time. Until I found out about Swinger Cove, I was simultaneously baffled and aroused by her seemingly all over tan. She always worked in a bikini and with a beach towel wrapped around her bottom half. 

The first time I got close to her she was when I sat at a table and she served me an Amstel beer. She took my order and I watched her as she walked away, back to the bar. I was turned on by her curvy butt, the towel wrapped tightly around her cheeks, doing nothing to hide her feminine curves. As she walked her butt cheeks moved with a life of their own. 

She returned with my order and placed a glass before me then gently poured the beer down the side of the glass so as not to upset it and turn it to froth. This was a slow and lengthy procedure that had an enjoyable calming effect on me. The gurgling of liquid from bottle to glass, her uninhibited manner of standing a little closer to me than was professionally acceptable. The top of her head was cocked towards me and her hair was brushing against my face as she poured. I could smell lavender and seawater in her hair.

"Will there be anything else sir?" She asked, a smile so open and wide I could see nearly all her pearl white, perfectly formed teeth. Her unflinching eye contact gave me goose bumps. Without intending to order anything, I asked for a menu. Just to have her come back. Again I watched her bounce away, this time I studied her even longer, aware that others around the tavern also enjoyed studying her form. 

She returned with the menu and as I was studying what was on offer, she decided to re-adust the towel around her waist. She removed it and directly facing me was the front of her purple and white bikini bottom. My gentlemanly morals quickly departed and I just stared at that amazing triangular shape between her legs. Within seconds the towel was back in place. The menu was no longer interesting.
"Just bring me your most popular item," was all I could muster.
"Do you like grilled octopus," she asked in a sing song,  accented voice.
"I will try anything once, " I replied, instantly regretting it.
She saw me wince.
"You're funny. Where you from?" she quizzed, her voice confident, demanding.
"Australia. I am from Melbourne, but my parents come from here. I am visiting their birth place, my heritage." I was having difficulty keeping up with her degree of eye contact. She was easily the most self-assured  and confident woman I had ever met.
"So what is your opinion so far?" she asked, cocking her head to one side,  and brushing her dark, shiny locks back over her shoulder.
In a moment of over confidence I stared straight into her eyes and said,
"I'm Absolutely stunned!" I was hoping she might read the double entendré.

That gigantic, ostentatious smile returned, but she did not humour me. I felt dejected.
"I will get your order," she said, walking away. This time I did not look. I just eyed every other male in the place glancing lustily after her.  I shrugged to myself and pulled out my pen and notepad, willing myself to get back to my writing. Three weeks now and I hadn't written a thing. Money was running low and I needed to sell some copy. Worst still, my editor had me on a  deadline to deliver photographs and a two thousand word article.
My editor had a simple motto. 
"No honey, no money."

Not sure how long I stared at the blank page in front of me, but  I was suddenly startled by the creaking of a wooden chair in front of me. I looked up across my table and there was Melania, seated in front of me, elbows on the table her chin resting in open palms. And those staring black eyes. A plate of grilled octopus garnished with parsley and lemon steamed away in the middle of the table next to a Greek salad. She cheekily reached down and picked up a piece of octopus and fed it to me. Then she took one for herself.
"Do you like? she asked
"It's different." I replied.

I think back now and wonder if at that moment I had got up and left, just how my life would have panned out. But I was smitten. I played her game. 
"What are you doing there?" she asked, pointing to the notepad.
"I'm writing."
"But the page is empty. What are you writing." she laughed.
"I write articles for travel magazines. I am a freelance journalist. "
"Are you writing about Lesbos?"
"Yes, I am writing a travel story about Lesbos."
"So, what have you written so far?" 
"Well, actually I am still gathering notes," I lied. 
"I haven't put it together yet."
She stared at me quietly, a playful, cheeky look on her face.
"Do you want me to show you something nice? Maybe you can write about that."
I eyed her quizzically for a while before answering.
"Okay. Show me."
She stood up, again removed that damn towel and flashed  me and all who happened to be watching that barely covered pussy. 
" I finish work in one hour. Wait here for me." she said, then walked away. This time she didn't wrap the towel around her lower half. This time she gave me a glimpse of her sun browned bubble butt, the bikini bottom did little to disguise the the shapely curves. I realised suddenly  that I had an erection.

She returned as promised and at 4 pm on a sunny Greek afternoon and we left the tavern together. She led me down the steps towards the beach front and we followed the coastline north. Groups of people, families were swimming or sun baking here and there and we continued. We walked until there were no more people to be seen.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"Not too far. Are you tired already?" she joked.
"Just wondering."

After a while the warm white sand stopped at a sheer rocky out crop. To get around the rock one had to swim around  it. She took off her towel and tossed it onto the beach. I quickly noticed  her bikini bottom had disappeared and my erection had returned. She ran towards the water yelling for me to follow. I did exactly that, marvelling at how evenly sun tanned she was. We swam the length of the rock then stopped. On the other side of the rock, the beach resumed but with a different crowd of beach combers. They were all naked. I waded behind her and followed her gaze. At a point near the rocks she pulled herself up into a wide, cavernous opening, one that had been worn by centuries of erosion. Great little hiding spot, I thought. At least while the tide was down. 

As she hoisted herself up, I was honoured with a close-up view of her shaved vagina and butt. Her unabashed attitude at such short notice made me wild. It was nearly more than I could bare. She helped me up next to her  then raised her finger to her lips, shushing me. We sat there, hidden from view from both sides of the beach, mere metres away from the naked crowd.
"Do you like it," she asked as she removed her bikini top.
"I am stunned, shocked, and amazed I said. You are very forward thinking for a village girl."
"She started to laugh then covered her mouth to silence herself.
"Take off your shorts," she whispered. 
"I don't think I can, " I said, thinking of the rock hard erection that would not go away.
She sidled up next to me, a perky erect nipple brushing against my upper arm. It sent tingles right through me. I quickly removed my shorts and she saw my erection. I tried to hide it, but she brushed me away and gently stroked my throbbing member. Her smile was gone and her lips parted. She stared intently at my cock, running her fingers down and around the sides softly, gently, taking her time. She pinched my foreskin, squeezed the head, exploring every part of it intently, never taking her eyes off what she was doing. It was a  though she was seeing a dick for the first time and loving it.

 "You know. I come alone here a lot. I have been coming here since I was a teenager. Always by myself.I like to watch these people," she said, flicking her head in their direction. I reached across and grabbed one of her breasts, but she pushed me away. 
"Wait." She said. Sounded a little snappy. 
"Watch. Look over there." she pointed to a spot near the middle of the beach. She was kneeling and the curve in her back made her bulging butt inviting. I eased up behind her, out bodies touching, My dick resting on one of her butt cheeks. On the beach, just 20 metres away, we watched as  a woman was positioned on the sand in a doggy style position. A man behind her was kneeling, holding her hips and fucking her intently. An other guy, young, well tanned and muscular knelt in front of her while she sucked him off intently. Other men and women sat around them reaching out, touching and fondling the active threesome. At one point and eager looking middle aged woman removed the man's cock from the woman's pussy and started licking and sucking it intently. Without being fully aware of what I was doing, I suddenly realised that I was jerking off and rubbing my cock on Melania's back. She in turn had one hand between her legs, masturbating intently as she watched watched the view ahead. 

I suddenly grabbed her by the hair from behind, careful not to hurt her, but rough enough to state my intentions. I turned her so that we were face to face and then began  sucking and eating those luscious, horny lips of hers. She responded with moans and with her tongue.

I found myself gripping the hand she was fingering herself with, forcing it harder onto her pussy. Both our hands were wet. I stopped kissing her and brought her hand up to my mouth. I started licking and sucking her wet fingers. I was never turned on as much as I was at this moment. I kissed her again on the lips, holding her fingers between our mouths, kissing and sucking them too.

My cock was screaming for attention, throbbing and pulsating. I brought her hand down to my cock.
"Squeeze it," I said, Cupping her small hand in mine and forcing her fingers around my dick and assisting her to masturbate me.
"You done this to me. Now deal with it," I hissed. She moaned. It turned her on.
She was squatting in front of me,  knees apart and I was seated, legs spread and either side of her. She was eagerly playing with my cock, enjoying it and sensing it every way possible. 

I reach under her and inserted my thumb in her pussy. It was so wet there was zero resistance. I fucked her with my thumb, rubbing her clitoris hard as I did so. At the same time my finger found her butthole, and I stroked it the outside of it. Her pussy juices had lubricated her butt hole. She suddenly let go of my cock and grabbed my working hand with both hands and guided me.  Her eyes never closed once. Even when she finally climaxed.  She just stared intently into mine. She moaned, she groaned and writhed, but her eyes never broke contact nor did they reveal any emotion. All emotion was highlighted in every other part of her body, but not her eyes.  

When she finally climaxed, she nearly passed out. She fell onto my shoulder and I held her there, my arms wrapped around her, way from the rocks, using my body as her mattress.. We remained that way for about ten minutes, with her recovering. I had still not come yet and over her shoulder, in front of me I watched the copulating crowds ahead. 
Finally Melania slithered her way down to my cock and gently took it in her mouth. I didn't want to come. I wanted more. I wanted this moment to last forever. I tried to stop her, but she insisted. Just before the orgasm, I pulled out of her mouth, told her I was coming, but she stayed close. I could feel her tongue whisking across my sensitive head as she jerked me off. I had the most spectacular orgasm,  spraying her everywhere. Totally wasted, I laid down on the rocks, she snuggled up next to me and both naked we slept.


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