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Ginger and Spice and Everything Nice

10:48 pm Tuesday, 8th May, 2018

She walked into the place she had been a hundred times before, but this time was different. Her heart, usually calm, was pounding so hard in her bosom she was sure he could hear it from across the room.

His back was turned as he gazed at his phone reading emails and text messages. Suddenly he stood up straight, feeling the energy shift as she entered the room. He turns and sees her standing there, eyes big, chest heaving, biting that full ruby red lower lip. She is wearing the red bra and thong he loves so much, the ones that cause his eyes pop out and tongue roll across the floor like a cartoon character. Something in her gaze was not the same, her trembling frame told him she was nervous, afraid.

He smiled as their eyes met, hoping this would reassure her, but she quickly looked down at the floor, almost in shame. He started to say something but thought better of it, and instead walked to her and took her in his strong arms, tightly wrapping her in the protection she had come to know and count on. She felt his desire, strong and powerful, as he pulled her toward him. He looked down her back toward her soft, supple bottom when something caught his eye.

He gripped her shoulders, gently pulling away ever so slightly, locking his eyes with hers while the most devilish grin formed on his lips. "Really?" he asked.

"Really," she said.

"Are you sure?"

"Never have I ever been more sure."

The signal had been given. She held in her hand the token, the signal she found what they were looking for.

She closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as she saw the excitement in his, then she took his hand and led him to the guest bedroom. As she opened the door she heard "Ooh!" from behind her - he was pleased.

There, on the the bed, sat the most beautiful woman either had ever seen. "What is her name?"


"Ginger, appropriate. Thank you, Em."

He kissed Em on the lips gently but firmly, then stepped back.

Em turned to Ginger and took a deep breath. This was Em's first time with a woman and something she had been fantasizing about for a very long time.

Em walked over and took Ginger's face in one hand while stroking her long, beautiful, red hair in the other. Em then sat on the bed, her heart was pounding again but this time with passion as she felt herself start to throb, her thong now soaked from the fire burning below.

He was still watching. His clothing was now on the floor as he reached between Em's legs and took the lubrication he would use as he stroked himself. He was big and full and hard, his heart now racing as he watched Em fulfill their shared dream.

Em pulled Ginger close as the two began to kiss, first gently then intensely. Em slowly took off Ginger's black bra and lace thong, moving her tongue down Ginger's body. She sucked on Ginger's ample breast, carefully nibbling on her hard nipples. With her left hand she found Ginger's kitty and began to rub it as he used her right hand to rub her own, Ginger's head went back as she arched her back to expose it.

Em put her fingers inside Ginger, gently stroking her G-spot while she licked and sucked Ginger's kitty. Ginger flowed like a river and Em drank it all in.

He could wait no longer and stepped in. He adjusted their position, putting them in 69 with Em on top. He put Em's wrists together and placed them around his neck. He watched intently as Ginger ate Em. He could see by the expression on Em's face that she liked having that tongue inside her, lapping up all that she was giving. He looked at Em and she nodded, but he hesitated. Em pulled her still secured hands from behind his neck and used them to grip him firmly as she placed his giant cock, full and hard, in her mouth and took him in until her lips were pressed against his skin. She swallowed and as she did massaged him in a way that caused him to gasp. She held him in as long as she could then gently rubbed her teeth along the shaft. Once she got to the tip she again gripped him firmly with both hands, looked him in the eye, and smiled as she guided him inside Ginger's vault.

Ginger let out a cry of ecstasy as he began to thrust inside her, gently at first then with full passion. Em came as she watched him going in and out of Ginger and as Ginger dined on everything Em was releasing. Then he was inside Em's mouth and she could taste the sweetness Ginger left on him, and she devoured it. He rubbed Ginger's G-spot until she sprayed everywhere and watched as Em eagerly cleaned it all up.

He flipped them so that Ginger was now on top and Em licked her as Ginger sucked on him. He rubbed Em's G-spot until she squirted. Ginger could barely be contained as she took in everything Em had given just as Em had done with her.

Em was insatiable, she could not get enough of Ginger. She loved how sweet Ginger tasted, the feeling of her clit against her tongue, and the way Ginger's tongue felt on her own. Em smiled as she thought "Ginger has always been my favorite spice."

He stepped back to watch as the two women made love to one another. Both had almost forgotten he was there, just as he wanted. They were passionate together, tongues twisted as they touched each other all over, clits rubbing as they each came over and over and over again. He studied the way they put their hands inside each other, surprised at the intensity they used but obviously enjoyed.

He stepped in again and pulled Em away. It was her turn to watch. He laid down on top of Ginger, kissing her supple lips as went deep inside her. She let out another cry of ecstasy as he filled her. Em watched with equal excitement. This was her real fantasy, watching him as he took another woman. She had wanted this for so long it hardly seemed real. She too cried out as she looked on, cumming over and over and over again without having to touch herself.

In all this time he still had not climaxed, he was saving that for Em and it was now her turn. He put her on the bed and turned her around. She was on her knees, head on the bed, he tied her hands together again, this time behind her back. He entered her with an intensity he had never used before and she loved it. She called out his name as he pounded her hard and fast and with authority. This was the most exquisite feeling to her, the good kind of pain that comes when a cock is huge and hard and driving into you. The kind of pain you want, you crave, you dream about and desire and cannot get enough of. The kind of pain that feels better than anything you have ever felt. The kind of pain you never want to stop.

He kept driving into her and she continued to call out "YES! OH! YES! YES! YES! YES!" The more she cried out the harder he thrust, which made her cry out even louder. OH . . . IT . . . FELT . . . SO . . . GOOD!

Now it was time to finish. Ginger had been watching intently, not able to help but pleasure herself. Now was the finale.

He turned Em around and she went down to the floor and on her knees. She looked up at him anxiously, hoping for what would come next.

He held his hard cock and tapped it against her lips as she put her tongue out. He then laid it on her tongue as she began to kiss it and suck it. She held her hands up above her head, wrists together, silently begging for him to take them. He obliged, and held them with one hand as he grasped her hair the other. He drove into her mouth the same way he had just driven into her from behind. This was her favorite thing and he knew it.

At last the time had come. He could feel it pushing up from deep inside him and could control it no longer. He looked down at Em, she was gazing up at him longingly. She was ready.

He closed his eyes as Em took in every last bit of him. He could feel the tip of his member as it went down her throat. Em grabbed his neck, holding him tightly so he wouldn't pull back. She thrust her pelvis forward as he shot into her, writhing from the rapture as she savored every pulse from him, never wanting it to end as they came together. Her lips were once again firmly against his body. She swallowed again when he finished and was still deep down inside her throat. Pure bliss. Ginger came harder than she ever had watching the intensity between them.

Em reluctantly pulled back, gently kissing and caressing his still hard cock, licking it, savoring it, rubbing it against her cheek then gently sucking on it a little more before one last kiss. Or was it?

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