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Epic Fail Continues Guys Edition and more

1:50 pm Monday, 23rd April, 2018

All should be heard. It's not just girls who have the ultimate mishaps. There are the guys who made an effort to meet and greet the apple of their eyes. I love talking to people and love to bitch-slap those who are really rude. Again, it's all about enjoying your new found freedom on this site, of expressing your thoughts and hidden fantasies.

I interviewed some guys and ask the ultimate questions (this is legit mind you) and I asked them with my clothes on. No names have been written and pointed out.

Me: Hi, what was your worst date in here?
Guy1: well there is too many...
Me: just pick one
Guy1: I asked this pretty woman to meet me in a coffee shop near my place. She was the same in the picture but...
Me: ....and ?
Guy1: (sighs) finished his beer in one drink (big mug mind you) well we are laughing at some joke I made and her false teeth fall out..
Me: ...eh??? for real??
Guy1: yeah and she just pretended that nothing happened..
Me: so what did you do?
Guy1: I got drunk and ask her to do me down there instead and nothing more..
Me: I can't imagine, you are brave by the way and resourceful for you turn the worst situation into that one..there will be no teeth to scrape it 🙂.

Me: did all the girls you meet are legit? or the same in their pics?
Guy2: NO
Me: describe one
Guy2: I asked her to go to my condo. She was really pretty and young in pictures.
Me: how young?
Guy2: she said she is 23
Me: okay young, continue..
Guy2: She told me she was near my place and she was in a cab. So I went downstairs to get her..(then a long sigh)
Me: that bad??
Guy2: When I was outside, I was looking for the girl in the picture. I heard my phone ring and answered her and she was shouting already telling me that she is there. Then I saw her....I checked my phone, I triple check her profile and ..
Me: maybe you expected too much. There are girls who are really picture perfect or photogenic..
Guy2: I know a photogenic and this one, this girl, it's like a total head swap.
Me: ouch, then?
Guy2: I bought some food- I let her eat it and gave her money to go home.

Me: So you meet a couple already?
Guy3: Yes
Me: What happened?
Guy3: The boyfriend asked me to do his girlfriend for he was having a problem with his thing..
Me: Wow, the girl was dedicated to him..
Guy3: yes and then we meet and set the boundaries. When I was in the place, I'm ready to do the girl when I started to act kissing her, the guy said stop and asked me not to kiss her at all..
Me: (I was imagining it and really like a director's cut film). Then?
Guy3: When I went down on her neck and fondle her, the guy shouted and said stop..he asked me not to touch her and just do her below.
Me: aren't you getting annoyed by it?
Guy3: I am but I am of my word and I will finish what I started.So I went down and her..I was just about to remove her underwear and then the guy suddenly shouted again to stop and just put it inside her..So I was like for real?? I just told the guy to let him do her instead...and that was the worst part, watching them having a hard time making his thing work..
Me: You just watched a bad rated movie...at least it's for free 🙂

Me: Did you always ask to video call the girl
Guy4 : yes, I'll just check if she is legit.
Me: well any worst scenes?
Guy4: I asked the girl to video call her, and she said yes. After 10minutes she gave me the go signal to call her.
Me: Is it night time?
Guy4: No, Morning..she answered it on the fourth ring and what I saw at once is a pair of eyes...
Me: just eyes??
Guy4: Yes, It is like she was looking down on her phone..I asked her to show her full face and she told me she can't for the phone is too high...
Me: Too high? On what?
Guy4: No, she said it was on top of the cabinet...I asked her again to show me just her face, she told me that her eyes alone will change my world...
Me: at least you didn't turn into stone 🙂

Well for me, again I did receive lots of messages (not to be boasting)from the good to the copy paste and the worst. Thank you 🙂

I got offers of gang bang of ten guys against me- okay I'm not a brick game. ten in one or an eight in one and fit it all.

I also get math questions like You and ME together we make an equally beautiful pair...I'm not good in math really and the Y in the Me is a definite negative.

The offers I got - Thank you.. for the other offer of making me your helicopter, again I don't fly and just land on any pad 🙂

There are a lot of beautiful girls out there whom you can charm and be your partner if you say the right thing.

There are a lot of guys out there who are willing to help you explore the unexplored (not Dora the Explorer).

It just rolls down again on being true to yourself.


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4:15 pm Monday, 23rd April, 2018

This is so true.. some people are rude.. 😒

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5:38 pm Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Wow 2nd issue: i love it maybe i should contact you for a  proposal your blog is hot. after all most of the guys make there extra effort just to satisfy there partner by chatting and calling the apple of there eyes. personally most of the time everyone should be honest with each other so that everybody will enjoy this new found Ethiopian life style that was considered taboo years ago and even now for most conservative. 

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3:39 am Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Ey, I really like reading your blogs... actually the only ones i read here since it's the only one entertaining and with sense hehe.. hope you have a great week ahead..

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7:16 am Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Another nice blog. 🙂 i love reading it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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10:33 am Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

haha! nice one...and you even have time to do some research...

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8:49 pm Saturday, 28th April, 2018

Nicely done.

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10:15 am Sunday, 29th April, 2018

Wow,,,, nice to to read your storylines precise and clear.....i like your height and we can be a good mtch coz am 6 inches taller than yours,,,,

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8:10 pm Thursday, 10th May, 2018

yes, it's cool just to be true to one self..no pretensions..no worries..no lies to remember..

9:55 am Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

Hey i know this is unusual but can you send your cell number? Also i feel sori for the guy being commanded like that hahaha

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