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Life Of Discreet Office Affair!

11:52 am Sunday, 15th April, 2018

Being Single 27, it is tough. Expectation everywhere. Pressure in everything.
But isn't release of pressure great. This is what i realized when i had my first encounter with my colleague at our work place. She was 26, 34D and big bellow waist. We used to do lots of under skirt activity. This continued till one night we had extreme work load and to stay back in office. We were the team lead and had no options. Our manager left and with the work load slowly getting reduced we saw it past 1 am and had nowhere to go as both had informed at home that we are staying back. Empty head is a devils pot.!!

Mon: My neck its paining and i am tired.
Me: So am I

Mon: Where are we gonna go now
Me: As if i have a clue. No hotels will allow us this late night.

Mon: Any friends where we can stay.
Me: Do they not have a family to answer

Mon: I am Tensed Tired And now Don't give me stress. All i need is Bed
Me: I cannot give you bed But will help you in getting away with rest.

Mon: How?
Me: Lets call it a day off! And move to my home. I have a single bed, we ll have to manage. As my parents away i don't have key to my place. All i can do is in servant quarter we can rest till its 5 am. 🙂

Waiting for your response for the next part.!!   

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Straight male looking out for Friends Might come with benefit. ;)

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