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Shy Wife to sweet Lust

5:41 pm Saturday, 14th April, 2018

She was watching her husband while my hands moves around her belly..I  felt her thirst through her body heat though she tried to be shy infront of her hubby..she was sweating, but that sweat smelled nice for me..I licked her neck in a passionate way..By that time her shyness of a faithful wife was melting..I saw her breath count increasing..she hangs to my shoulder, try to avoid eye contact with her hus and she bites me desperately..Suddenly her husbands cell phone rang..He went outside not to make us disturbed..That is the moment she throw the mask of a wife to be a sweet lust..She kissed me passionately, licked my tongue..went on knees..takes my cock in her mouth and start blowing wild..I took her in my hand for a "Face off" possition..We kissed passionately..she was screeming when i grabbed her boobs..she told me in my ears.."Lick my pussy"..I was waiting get her pussy filled with her cum..We then went for a "heir to the throne" possition..She was literally shouting with pleasure..When her husband came back, what he saw was not a shy girl when went out with phone..she is now mature enough for a gangbang too..she was not even looking her husband..she asked me to stand and she blowed passionately..I saw her husband enjoying that..We went for a " Cat " possition..she was screeming like a lust..Old "Shy" wife now taking over the command..she was dominating me..she climbed me a sat on my face politely for a "Hovering Butterfly " possition..I licked her pussy like a cat..I want to see her enjoying..we then went for " Mountain Climber" possition..we went long enough..I was about to cum..still i stopped..bcoz i want to see that pretty lady squirt..I was enjoying her lustness..That was my pleasure..When we cum, she hanged me and kissed me tightly and smiled..

Like i always say, Girls are the best thing universe has created..But we can enjoy that only if we treated her like how she needs to be treated..She need respect, care, love..Love u girls...

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10:22 am Friday, 20th July, 2018

Nice episode and nice encounter am sure. Hope to be someone who will be your next selection. This actually turned me on. Would love to try with you. Yes different body and different taste as well as smell and feeling. 

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11:30 am Friday, 20th July, 2018

Thanks for the comment..Am also looking forward to meet u guys..

7:32 am Tuesday, 16th October, 2018

Well said.treat well according her needs

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