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A Tryst After Two Weeks of Busyness

10:32 am Thursday, 12th April, 2018

Its been two weeks since we had our last tryst, all we are doing on those past weeks are saying our hi's and hello's. 

Both are busy with work and other priorities in life, a simple hi and hello and saying i miss you are enough for those past weeks.

Then we had a chance, its an afternoon rendezvous. He set the time and place, we met and went to a nearby motel.

As he drove his car, he asked what panty im weaeing. I told him im wearing a blue thong, then he askedif he  could see it. I pulled down my shorts, exposing whats underneath. 

He was so excited to see whats underneath, even uttered the word sh!t. Hehehe, he even touched my pussy on the way. Felt the hotness inside, we went in the motel me without wearing a short.

After closing the motel door, we didnt went inside the room yet. We played inside his car, giving him a kiss plus tongue to tongue play. He suggested to lick and suck his nipples, so i did obliged.

He reclined the drivers seat, i gave him what he wanted. I went down to his dick after licking and sucking his nipples, licking and sucking his dick is a good thing. 

He even fingered my pussy as i licked and sucked him good, then we decided to go inside the room. I went out of his car wearing my shirt and my thong, holding my short while going inside the room. 

We did undressed ourselves, then i knelt down infront of him while he was standing. Giving him a bj, me holding his butt. I let him sat on rhe chair, still knealing infront of him and giving him a bj. 

I told him that i want him to lick and suck my pussy, he said yes without hesitation if we transfer on the bed. To my excitement in his dick, i stopped him and told him that ill ride him first in the chair before going to bed.

i did ride him like crazy, him moaning and feeling good about the sensation we both feel. As i rode him while sitting on the chair, i finally decided to go to bed to licked and sucked by him. 

"Pakshet" are the words that went out of my mouth, feeling his tongue on my pussy is a satisfying one. Then we are on a 69er position, me lying down and him on top. I licked and sucked his dick and balls, rimming him as he did his thing on my pussy.

He did make me squirt, licked and sucked some of it. Makes the bed wet, hahaha and he decided to fuck me on a missionary, then doggy and exploded his cum on my boobs, face and even a little on my hair. 

We rested, slept and regained our energy. After sleeping, hehehe we had another round of fun and exploded his cum inside me. Mind you, we are fucking while the cartoons julien from madagascar and scooby doo are playing on the tv. 

Hahahaha, x rated movies are not needed to heat things up. This is our tryst after two weeks of busyness, we enjoyed a lot!

Thank you, mwahhh!

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4:36 pm Friday, 13th April, 2018

Wow. Lucky guy... and you as well 🙂

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11:18 pm Friday, 13th April, 2018

Thank you diamondgothic, its been a while

10:34 am Friday, 20th April, 2018

Someone's been a very, very busy girl 🙂

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6:26 am Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Hahaha, busy ba luv? I think hndi, nka timing lng.

2:09 pm Saturday, 5th May, 2018


8:18 pm Sunday, 20th May, 2018


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