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Am I the only one rubbing after marriage?

3:09 am Tuesday, 13th March, 2018

Hello Friends,

Been in this amazing place for few days and I think this a perfect place to open up. I kept my baby happy myself for 8 years before getting married and I though this is it, but the story never ended.Has never been able to move the relation from friend to girlfriend because of a very very bad habit named 'Being overly Nice'. I got married at the age of 27 yrs (I don't need to say arranged) so I though it's ok now.

From the time I started thinking about sex, it was never routine. I had lot of fantasies and crazy ideas which I though could fulfill with my wife. Being a hungry dog I enjoyed X for sometime but it never got more interesting. I tried explaining nicely (Nicely? come on, that's the only thing you can do buddy) to her that men need something new in sex, if not a new girl it's a new place, new style or new something that excites. She kept skipping my ideas and nothing changed. This created a gap in our sex life but not to an extent that it affected out relation. Also, apart from bed, she is an amazing life partner so never pushed her.

So, now what! To keep my inner monkey calm, I started watching all sort of porn until I am bored, then started sex stories and then audio sex stories and jerk n jrk n jk, all without my wife's notice. Luxury sex dates is next in the list, so that's why I am here. May be this is boring to you but wanted to check am I the only one in the club? Do "I" have a problem? Please do let me know.

Anyways, as a punishment for boring you guys, I am gonna write some nice fantasy stories in the future to make some dicks hard and pussies wet. May the lust live on. Peace 👍 - Nandu

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32 M - Looking to spice up my life

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