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My Life As A Play To Play Girl

5:44 am Sunday, 11th March, 2018

P2P  has always been something I enjoyed, I am by no means a findom. Im a online fetish playmate, meaning I spend my time indulging in others fantasies to ensure they achieve sexual satisfaction in some of the greatest ways. I take the time to get to know the men I work with, in order to create an amazing sexual and emotional bonds. Yes I know pay to play can be off setting  to many men out there. You don't know how it works, you don't know if ill go through with it after payment, etc etc. There are fears with almost any taboo and sexual. But in the long run, fear will be conquered, and rules are always able to  be established. I enjoy being a pay to play girl because not only is it how I make my income, But its a way for me to get off my feet and enjoy the wonders of female masturbation. If you think pay to play girls don't get off when you get off, you are so wrong. Dirty talk, and sensual photos make me tingle. Getting another man off makes my legs shake. And the thought of making a  man harder than a rock with just a few words, is definitely a lip biter. So next time you come across an online pay to play girl, don't judge her, hate on her, or be turned off. Most of us are in this for his for sexual pleasure and in order to afford basic life fees. We aren't Findoms. We are online fetish playmates.  

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Young, Kinky, Curvy, and Spoiled

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