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Wifey played solo - part 2 (wifey tells the story)

5:38 am Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

As Thirdy sits me on the counter, he continued to kiss my lips, my neck. I got hot when he kissed and nibble on my neck. He whispered, "I like how you smell". Then he licked down to my breasts, circled his tongue playing on my nips and then started to slowly suck them in his mouth. I gasped a breath. He was rubbing my  
thighs. He slowly slipped his hand in between my thighs, made me open my legs. I can feel my wetness in my pussy. I was so turned on. I took his hand, licked and sucked two of his fingers, guided it to my pussy and asked him to slide it and finger me.

I was remembering how hot it was, while hubby pound me hard. Hubby like hearing stories of me playing. I like telling it and thinking of it while we fuck. Hubby asked "did you like what he did to you? Did you like his fingers in your pussy? Did he fuck it good?"

I said yes, and Thirdy did fuck me good with his fingers. He licked my cum off his fingers and pulled me closer to him then he buried his face to my pussy. I exclaimed a loud moan as I felt his tongue slid in. I was so hot, my body was full of excitement. I felt him sucking my wet pussy. As he slid his tongue further I grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed his head further. I was moaning loud. He was so good with his tongue. I wanted to cum so bad as he sucked my clit.

He then carried me to his bedroom, and kissed my lips, slid his tongue inside my mouth, I sucked his tongue and tasted my wetness. I liked how he kissed and made my body all red. He licked and kissed me all over my body, and his head went down in between my legs again. I obliged, I opened my legs wide for him to taste all of it good. That time he made sure I came in his mouth, and boy did I cum so hard. I was trembling, a muffled scream escaped me, it was so good. But Thirdy wasn't done yet.

I felt Hubby's cock inside me grow bigger as I tell him more of my play. His fucking got more intense. His kisses got more aggressive. He pulled my hair and head back and asked me "Do you like feeling other guy's dick?"

I wanted to feel other guy's dick that moment. I remembered how Thirdy slammed his hard dick in my pussy. And I wanted it again. I wanted to feel that again. So I whispered to hubby's ear "yes, I liked it. I liked fucking Thirdy. Can we turn off the lights? Can we role play, you are a Thirdy?" 
to be continued...

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12:00 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

wonderful sexperience

12:03 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

oh man. this is so fucking hot. well written too.

7:38 am Wednesday, 14th February, 2018


9:35 pm Thursday, 15th February, 2018


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