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Unexpected meeting with couples and have some fun

7:05 am Friday, 12th January, 2018

On14th jan 2017 i met with one couples in the cricket stadium we talk a lot and we are understand very well each others so that day they told me to stay  at their hoke coz im new in mumbai so i went their home and had dinner with them after dinner we all were stressout  so everyone were sleeping. When I woke up at around 2 am as I was feeling thirsty. When I woke up, I realized that I had slept nude and both he and she  were also sleeping nude.

I got a hard on seeing she like that but as I was feeling very thirsty, I decided to have some water first.  So, I went to the kitchen and drank some water. When I was returning, my hand touched a bowl which was kept there and it fell down which lead to other utensils also falling down.

By listening to the sound, they  came running to the kitchen but I told them there was no major problem. So, they started going to the bedroom again. But as I was having a hard-on. Hence, I pulled her towards me and pinned her to the wall and started kissing her madly.

After kissing her for 5 minutes, I asked her for another session. Initially, she denied but after a lot of requests, she accepted the request but on the condition that she wanted a double penetration. Listening to her, I instantly said yes and took her to the bedroom.

Then, I pushed her on the bed and pounced her and started kissing and licking her madly. Bhaiya also joined us and we both started sucking, kissing and licking her body.
After 15 minutes, she requested us to fuck her rough and hard. So I stretched her legs and pushed my tool into her pussy in one go. She screamed hard but told us not to stop and instructed him to insert his tool into her ass. So he also did the same.After that, we fucked her both the holes simultaneously. She was screaming and moaning so loud that I inserted my fingers into her mouth to control her voice. In this way, we fucked her for 90 minutes and came on her boobs and navel and collapsed on her.

If any couples or girls also want fun with  genuine young guy then kindly ping me 
Send request for direct communication.

Genuine couples and girl most welcome.

Prince ❤️💋❤️

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