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WE need all HELP and TIPS we can GET Guys..

2:07 am Thursday, 11th January, 2018

We need all Tips and Help we can get from all of you guys for our first meet up with couple and thirdy... my wife hate the guy use condom but wer nervous of getting some "D"
Hope we can hear soon from all of you guys thank you... please private message us we will give our number thank you....

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6:04 am Saturday, 13th January, 2018

if you don't know the guy practice safe sex. its better safe than sorry. cheers!

1:07 pm Monday, 15th January, 2018

My tip is find someone who is a friend that u know personally and you also know his sex practices so  that will be a long time playmate of your wife.
Like we did a close friend of mine and her friend also.
Whenever we feel the urge of having thirdy we just call him up to party..
Sometimes im so busy at work i drop my wife to his place..it lasted for almst 2yrs until he had his own girl it stopped.. but later this past year from time to time he invited us to his place to party.. we fuck my wife all day & night like before. Sometimes im not in the mood and i will just sleep and my wife will jst tell me the she coudnt resist so they fuck all night.. 
Without condom cause we hate it..
Anytime he feel horny he is welcome..

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Swinger couple we love sseexxx

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