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Training your new sub

12:11 am Thursday, 11th January, 2018

You got past the first meeting and now know a little about the person your going to enjoy.Everything from here is a discovery for your new sub, dont rush anything, dont push to hard, explore things with her/him, test the waters.
Try some light bondage ,explain what your going to do, and what you expect the response will be.
 As a DOMINANT you have to respect that your new sub doesnt know whats going to hurt and how they should feel when it happens. If you do something and get tears straight away then you went to hard.
 Dont rush anything , build towards a goal, try everything but never full on. I get as much pleasure from the play as I do the actual sex, its that type of fun a true Dom enjoys, the power over another , the owning and possession of a SUBMISSIVE, everything they are while in your care. 

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10:41 am Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Exactly 😍

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Behave pet or you will be punished

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