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Being a DOMINANT in a passive enviroment

4:57 am Friday, 24th November, 2017

So many people have a misconception about what it is to be a "Dom". We do not as is popularly thought keep our women bound and gagged in boxes only to bring them out for hard rough sex, lend them to friends, and treat them like dirt. Our lives are so much more than that, as complex and involved as any "normal" relationship. We have a great respect for our Subs, those special women who submit to us and our life. We treat them as gold a precious commodity to be horded and preserved.And when we seperate it is with as much pain as a long term marriage. Our women are special to us, and a true Dom will expend so much time and energy to find the right SUB, 1 that fits him and that he fits as well. So to all the women out there thinking to find a DOM and give herself over, talk first, its cheap and easy and will uncover many things you need to know .

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Behave pet or you will be punished

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