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I prefer vanilla so?

4:54 am Monday, 11th September, 2017

 U know ,I was quite skeptical about white men when I first Joined this site..I've only met few black men less than my 10 fingers but white men quite more,I grew fond of their company and hospitality and respect towards me.I love their adrenaline and for a girl with tiny tities I'm quite favoured among them vanilla unlike the chocolates who can't even suck em tiny Tits of mine to make me feel aroused ah jeez so many reasons but I'll stick to my experiences something more to let you know about the myth that white men ain't got no dick ,lies... Ones I've met or most to say really hit my gspot in a way a black men has not...I've got so used to my vanilla men that I seriously lost interest in the black men on this site not to say all is the same but I prefer white men ever since I discovered the satisfaction and the good payment which some black men have an issue with...Ive got quite good compliments from my vanilla clients and that has set my price quite high and have not got a complaint from any of them ..well not yet..hope not...White man dont really care to get down and dirty unlike some black men who are critical of the natural vagina smell n sex sweats so foreplay is quite uninteresting for me with thm...As well after sex I like to snuggle n make out Make him feel comfy but how can I do that with them chocolates if thy just prefer to give me their back after.. Oh and another reason about why I prefer vanilla so much is that thy quite hygienic and also wanna tip top on the first impression...Unlike the issues ive had with quite a few black men who dont shave down there or has a bad breath,I'm not against y'all chocolates but I just prefer me some good old vanilla..

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Hey guys lets have fun..And let's not waste each others time please

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