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Bletchley Park - No Secret!

3:20 pm Sunday, 10th September, 2017

What is it that drags (no pun- honest) me, [us], back here ?
Is it the Venue?, Yes, but Pink is such a melting pot.
Is it the Hotel ?, Yes they actually look after us.
Oh and on Friday it was wall to wall gurls, fantastic.
Punters Big Night Out, it sure was that!
The place was buzzzing and most of us deferred going to
the club until a lot later than normal.
Again the gurls were in the ascendency over all the LGBTs.
One nice thing is the ability to make new friends, no pressure
no hard or corny chat up lines. Being yourself as your female half.
Had arrived early and dressed in a Boohoo blue ribbed dress, matching
sandals. Waited in the bar for my date ToniMichelle. See her arrive in
car park then a long two hour wait. Stephanie texted saying ToniM was
in room putting face on. Seems she did a Marlene “I wanz to be alone”
and had her own room. As, indeed Ali & Steph had chosen the Hilton- snobs!
Still the gurls were beginning to appear, and chatting was under way.
A call invited me to TM's room. We had met back in late August but now
serious time together ensued. Eventually surfaced for air and some (edible)
food. Changed into a grey /black metalic cold shoulder dress for dinner, with
sling backs. Soon Alison and Steph' were with us. Loved feeding Steph' muscles in a
garlic sauce. Alison resplendent in leather and boots oooh er... lust !
Robyn, AKA Genicide AKA OFFS - give up bless her xxx joined us with her
flame red hair and pretty pink booties. Had met briefly before but this time got to
know her better. Rock chick! 
Change again white body con and heels, Sod it dress covered in foundation crème!
Revert to grey dress and faithful sling backs.Onto the club, had had heavy rain and heels sink in wet grass! So the night progressed, from Disco to Pink room to bars and simply just meetingand talking to some wonderful, and good looking gurls.The night went on and sadly dawned on us we crept to bed.10 AM awoke needed coffee. At the entrance, smoking was Analise, a tall blonde.We greeted and kissed, one I will not forget. Far too soon she was gone!Well two weeks to go before our Gurls night out and another great night to lookforward to. To all those on the night a big big thank you, love and kisses.A very happy, fulfilled Sarah XXXX

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5:24 pm Sunday, 10th September, 2017

You make me sound so aloof and awful. It wasn't a Marlene. But would love to look like her. Thanks for a fabulous nite. Who was the girl with the pipe. Never got her name only her vape. Lol. Big kisses and see you again soon. 👄👄👄

8:54 pm Sunday, 10th September, 2017

You Essex girl irk so are all the same. Lol. But I forgive you.  I haven't a clue who. Perhaps Alison or Steph. 

1:11 am Monday, 11th September, 2017

Wish I had a choice in it babe. Lol. Big hugs and kisses. Xxxx

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Essex high heeled gurl living the life as who she wants to be, and loving it.

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