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S U C C E S S ......

11:37 pm Tuesday, 25th July, 2017

I know i can hardly believe it either....

After 2 months of being messed about or propositioned by feckwitz i have finally met a man...in the flesh !!!

Spent a lovely time in nature, walking round a lovely lake, even checked out the bird hide 😉😛

I think it is safe to say we got on and were pleased to see each other.....date 2 could well be on the cards...

Looking forward to some mutual exploration....sexy man, hard cock wot more cld i need !!!

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12:56 pm Wednesday, 26th July, 2017

Glad for you

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10:48 pm Thursday, 24th August, 2017

Well done sexy you have stuck with it and have found something good. Good for you Hun xxxxxx

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I want you ive yet to meet you but am patient

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