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7:39 pm Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

You are more than someone’s “exception”, more than someone’s need to control, more than someone’s image of perfection because you’re already perfection.

You won’t win the hearts of every woman or Dominatrix you contact and you won’t be every woman’s ideal type.

But you will be someone’s!

To someone you are his everything. But you need accept who you are now and love who you see in the mirror first!
Being a “perfect submissive” isn’t about protocol, knowing your slave positions, loving impact play, enjoying anal, or being poly.
If you have the genuine desire and fire within to submit, you’re already there. Your ideal wants and needs may not align with every Mistress you desire. That’s to be expected. But you should never need to change who you are for anyone.


The path to being the perfect submissive is simple, just be you. Any woman, Mistress, Goddess, Dominatrix worth her salt will love you for who YOU are!

Not because of your tight tummy, not because you have large belly, not because of your smooth skin, but because of everything you are, inside and out. She will love your flaws. Those stretch marks? He will see them as a man who’s earned his stripes. That pooch? She will see it as a man who lives life to the fullest. That scar? She will see it as a beauty mark. She will cherish your submission and nurture you like the beautiful, perfect being you are! There’s no handbook to being submissive. It’s what’s in your heart that truly makes you a perfect submissive!

Yes, you. You are perfect. Never forget that. Never compromise. And never let anyone make you think differently!

Kisses x

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2:06 pm Wednesday, 10th May, 2017

Why is the site being flooded with young women who seem to think all men are craving to be "enslaved"?? Is it the thin end of some massive "worldwide wedge" that will finally and irrevocably  reverse the world order, or is it simply a good way to make a bit of extra cash and have a good laugh at the same time ?? 🙂   Answers on a postcard please...........

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3:03 pm Saturday, 13th May, 2017

I'm constantly being pestered by women who think I want to be their servant . No thanks!  Any sort of relationship is one between equals, sometimes one takes the lead and sometimes the other, and the variety is the spice of life. 

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I am the beautiful, hypnotic and strict English Goddess Dominatrix that you have craved all your life. Now you have found Me, you'll never want to let Me go...

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