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Job done.....what to do now?

2:11 pm Thursday, 25th August, 2011

"Thank goodness thats done....Have you ever started something and wish you hadn't?"It was one of those days for me, but it proved to be a very rewarding afternoon.....
Kettle on, the rest of the day is mine to do with as I please.....The hot steam and whistling kettle brought me back to the here and now, but the seeds of fantasy were already sown. Earlier, I was sorting out our bedroom. You know, all those little things you promise yourself that you'll do, when you get "5 minutes". Well there must have been a lot of "5 minutes" because it took me all morning! Or was it because I got side tracked whilst going through my underwear draw?
Since meeting Mick, my sexlife has been amazing...lol...he'd cringe at that word (pet hate for it). I've discovered so much about myself sexually. In the past, sex was a taboo subject, I couldn't talk about it, how I felt before, during or after. It was like a regimental ceremony, in, out and roll over, very selfish and one sided. With Mick it's so different, he's very attentive, tactile and loving, patient never pushy,he encourages me to ask questions, to try different things,to playout my fatasies. Sometimes I think he's unleashed a nympho, and I try to hold back, but he knows and reassures me that it's ok to have these feelings.......and OMG the feelings and sensations I'm experiencing now, all that wasted time, definitely not missing out anymore....mmmmm
Anyway, there comes a time and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, a time when your underwear stops being divided into; everyday,work,sport,"special occassions" and the fabulously comfy Bridgette Jones knickers....and that, is exactly what has happened to my knicker draw over the last few months! Out with the old and in with the new. That and the fact that I've lost a lot of weight due to our new found bedroom activities and become very interested in lingerie that make me look and feel like the new sexy, sensual woman, Mick has helped to unravel.
That said, amongst the sets of silk & lace and stockings, there is still a space for....for those intimate moments that are more and more frequent..yes..my naughty collection....

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Very horny couple, bi-curious female.

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