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Masarap Masahe for the Godess

2:15 pm Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

One of the innumerable reasons I moved to the Philippines is quite simply, massage. For in the United States only rich people are able to get regular massage therapy. I love getting a massage and it is not only good for pain but it makes me horny at times. For when the therapist massages my puet I sometimes find myself raising my pelvis in tune to her strokes. I was not aware how anal swim in this fashion made me so horny. I even bought a strap on for my prudish ex gf.  Sadly it has not been utilized. 

I also learn more about giving massages as well.  And I wished to replicate the Thai, Hilot and Swedish massages I receive.  Years ago I took a weekend intensive class on Swedish Massage for couples and as such have owned and used two massage tables in my past .

I have met some nice people at this site and asked one of my female friends to allow me to give her a sensuous massage.  

Sexually I'm very much the giver, and I love giving women massages.

I got a nice room in a swanky Makati Hotel. I prepared well, I purchased some awesome massage oil which is labeled as Thai Lemongrass. It is as wonderful scent, and of course I prepared my scent. A mixture of soap, Axe and Clinique Happy for men.  The room was softly lit, the towels and pillows laid out on the king size bed. In front of which was a rolling office chair and mirror andvto the right, a nice view of the Metro's lights. 

We had wine and snacks and caught up on our lives. She is a very smart woman and sates my sapiosexual side.  But sadly she works too many hours and I could tell by her movements and affect she was in the hurt locker and tired to boot.  A perfect way for me to pleasure her on this Friday night.

I am a jazz guy, smooth to straight ahead I love it all. I have a playlist over two hours long I call hella smooth.  When I get home service massage I play it and get compliments from the therapists.

She disrobed to her panties and laid face down on the towel.  I started with some combination touches I have learned. Pressure points and light stretching. 

Already she was moaning aloud as she loved the pleasure.  It was the perfect setup.  Soon her entire back was covered in massage oil as I used my strong hands, forearms and weight as I plesured d her. 

Getting her panties off bi then was not an issue. As we had the needed chemistry and as she says, the best of the lifestyle is friendship based.

It was so erotic by then, her entire body naked beneath me.  Her soft , smooth brown skin covered with oil and glistening in reflected light. I had disrobed by then and it was heavenly. I was not interested at all in intercourse but I was able to move with her sexually. 

I use every bit of my being in giving pleasure.  Mind, body, spirit and soul. I had entered sacred territory by now into the realms of Tantra and Chi exchange. 

As she lay prone, the music was perfect as I moved to her arms, shoulders and hands.  Using my lips , mouth and tongue was so erotic with the combination of Lemongrass and her heavenly female m

I moved down to each leg and foot. It amazes me how many exogenous zones a female has. The back of her neck and knee. Each toe and indeed her foot tasted extraordinary. 

Teasing her I massaged her butt near her butthole and near but not quite touching her Sarap Kiki. Edge play anyone ?

I had her lie face up, draped her in a towel and sat in the chair as I turned her neck to the side. With strokes I moved about her neck and ears. I kissed her moist mouth and all over her pretty face. The facial and head massage are important components of therapy. So many acupressure points and it is so relaxing to have a long scalp massage.

I moved between her magnificent breasts. To that sacred energy spot and placed my warm hand there. I massaged her breasts but did not touch her nipples. That was for later. 

I then again moved to arms , hands and fingers. Looking in the mirror at this naked woman as I sucked each finger like a cock. It was smokin hot. 

Notice I have not really done anything sexual. Building up to that moment but just by my sense of smell and sight I could tell she was also aroused. 

After about 90 minutes the torture ended. I was able to massage all over her pussy and clit and butt. As the tempo of the music drove our movements we became united in giving her the first orgasm of the night. 

I did not fuck. I did not have intercourse. I did not cum. No , this was after all treating her as the goddess women are. It was so pleasurable to give pleasure to her. 

Massage anyone ?

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3:21 pm Tuesday, 17th January, 2017

Beautiful job and a tribute to all women. 
..A new dimension connecting increased body sensations and higher state of mind using all your senses to explore then stimulate all of hers.

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2:26 am Wednesday, 18th January, 2017

I would love to have that kind of massage!! I think this will awaken my tired and sore body and soul. Hope I could experience it.

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I Love Sex. With Singles , Couples , Grouops. But I realize I need at least a sixty day retreat. So will not be active Ingat

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