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BBW nympho gets served

2:03 pm Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

So I met this darkskin 22yr old BBW online, she came off as cutesy and innocent, straight away talking about relationships. I totally wasn't about that so I tell her I'm not ready for a relationship. I try to end the conversation but she's already acting clingy to the point of asking to come over to my place the next day. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see how far this could go so I tell her she can come over.

Next evening she asks me for directions and hops into an uber, at this time I'm still trying to imagine what she thinks is going to happen at my house. I was hungry so I decided to cook, I think to myself that this girl is going to think I'm cooking for her, so what I'm hungry. A few moments later there she is; short, ssbbw, young, pretty, innocent girl in a bright pink dress. I was both shocked and turned on, I imagined that that would be a first, smiled to myself and gave her a hug.

It was late, so I knew there was no way she was going to go back and well if she did want to go, there is uber. So we exchange a few pleasantries as I continue to cook, music playing in the background. Her conversations revolving around campus life and all I can say is ahh, mmmh, ohhh, ok, well it was refreshing to hear that life at that age is still the same. I then ask her into the bedroom where I watch movies from and she follows, she lay on the bed propped up on pillows and I lay beside her as we continued chatting while trying to watch a movie.

As we lay there, she tells me about some scar on her ass and then grabs my hand directing it to her ass to feel the scar under the dress. Everything happened so fast, she pulled up her skirt and slid my hand under it onto her thighs and then up to her ass, she felt so soft and cold, I got an instant boner and pulled my hand away, telling her I had to go check on the food. I head to the kitchen baffled, wondering what happened to the innocent young girl? I later invite her to eat while we chat some more.

After the meal we both lay on the bed still on chit chat while trying to watch a movie, I then ask her if I could feel the scar again, and she immediately rode her skirt all the way up showing her thick thighs and contoured hips and ass. This I only saw as an invite, I was already hard, so I slowly rub her scar while inching closer to her. As I rubbed on it turned into caressing and I heard her let out a slight moan, by now my hardon was on her ass as I leaned in to kiss her.

Within minutes all our clothes were off, I caressed her soft thighs, her big tummy, kissing her thick neck made her quiver, she moaned loudly at every touch and when my hand slid down her inner thighs and my fingers brushed her pussy lips she shuddered. I got on top of her and wrapped my lips over her nipple slowly twirling my tongue, this made her whimper as she gripped the sheets. She then pushed me off her and she straddled me, I quickly reached for a condom and slipped it on, those thick heavy thighs wrapped around my small torso, my dick was now throbbing. Her pussy was now very wet as it rubbed against my boner, i caressed her thick thighs and run my hands over her huge tummy slowly sliding up to her breasts, i pinched the nipples and she let out a scream as she ground on my dick faster and harder. She then reached under and slid my dick right it, oh it felt so warm and wet and kind of mature hehehe. I held her ass tight and told her not to move as my dick got further into her, I then made my dick throb inside her over and over and over again while she moaned loud and dug her nails into my chest, moments later she came so hard, gushing over my balls and onto the sheets.

Well, she was evidently not innocent at all, damn!! The girl got me working, I could not believe how such a big person can be so flexible, some things I couldn't do. And she was a freak, trying to slip her finger up my ass and begging to lick it, I guess I should change the title of this blog to I got served by a BBW nympho.

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