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Has Anyone Really Done the Cuckolding Thing?

11:42 am Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

In my previous post, I have delineated the dillemma of whether to share her or not. Many do; I cannot. Why? Jealousy? Fear of inadequacy being exposed? Self-esteem? Or all these?

Whatever, I feel I need to fight it. What happened to you when you first watched her (if you are in a situation like mine) have sex with another man? Did you cry and tear your hair in remorse? Or did you share her joy? How about the next days? 

I would be glad to know   if you shared your experiences. And of course, was life as usual  for you two later on? Could you stare into her eyes like before? Any remorse for either? 

Please help. 

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12:43 pm Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

It's simple; if you trust each other completely and don't have any insecurities from each other, you will end up loving each other more after the experience because you have given each other the ultimate trust and you are not afraid of losing each other for someone else.
On the other hand, if you are in an insecure relationship to start with, don't trust each other completely, are afraid he or she might end up leaving you for someone better, then your sharing experience is gonna bounce back on you. You will end up being jealous and regretful.
For the first time, don't go with anyone better than you, a bull with a 9 inch cock, when you are an average Joe, will give you an inferiority complex and make you jealous.
We are very secure in our relationship, but even then, the first time we had an MMF, I did feel a bit of tinge when the kissing went on a bit longer than expected and my wife seemed to enjoy it. That happens and you need to confront yourself, not your wife, about why you felt that bit of jealousy.
Lastly, a day or two after you first experience, take time out to talk to each other about the whole experience; discuss how she felt and how you felt, discuss your true feelings about each stage of MMF and your likes and dislikes for future.
We came out loving and trusting each other more after our first experience. It did wonders for our bedroom life and in fact we decided to make swinging an occasional part of our marital life. Hope this helps. Happy Swinging!

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7:22 am Thursday, 12th January, 2017

We may not become partners in real. But we could talk about it freely if you would like to, That might help you.

7:38 am Thursday, 12th January, 2017

great advice from zar below. yes you must be secure in your marriage, if you are not...it could cost you a marriage if one or both of you start the blake game.. my wife is a cuckquean and loves to watch me, my fantasy is to have threesome with her....we have tried mfm once, she said its not her thing. so just dont push the issue to hard or it may never happen.  try meeting a guy you are both intetested in, become friends over coffee and just chat a few times, then ask her again

5:31 pm Friday, 13th January, 2017

Mate, its depend upon the trusts and bonds u share. Don't go for cuckolding's, rather go for threesome. While doing that try to enjoy the view and join later. In this way, she will not feel awkward. The crucial part of this life style is breaking the ice. Once u overcome this obstacle , u will be able to enjoy this lifestyle. 🙂 Cheers and best of luck for both of you.

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