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mind of soft seduction

7:58 am Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

A fragrance t****atches the personality of the man or woman who wears it is an integral part of the memory that you have of him or her. It goes without saying that it's a formidable weapon of seduction.

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11:46 am Tuesday, 31st January, 2017

The fragrance of skin when a human is excited is so unique and so sharp ,when you smell it and you live this passion you instantly get attached and addicted and this is one of the little things that makes our memory later aches for more of this particular person ...It is not always the sexual act it is the sensual act as well what drive our orgasms to higher levels , cheers

7:43 pm Thursday, 15th June, 2017

Interesting 🙂 yes I do have Bb whats your add ? 

10:43 am Saturday, 9th December, 2017

Also to select the right fragrance to suit the person's skin is very important 

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Don't tell me about quantity, lets talk about quality!!

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