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9:16 pm Saturday, 9th September, 2017

Gangbang on Hubby's birthday Part 2

Saurabh asked him to send. I went and sat on his lap and he started mauling my boobs and touching my pussy again. I thought this guy can never get over me !!..


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1:14 am Saturday, 19th August, 2017

Gangbang on Hubby's birthday
It had been 6 months passed and our passion for sex and look towards it has been changed completely. I have never experienced Saurabh this hornier during our early days..


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9:54 pm Wednesday, 8th March, 2017

Threesome & Gangbang - The office sensation.

Welcome to the 5th Segment of the real life incidents and our erotic and kinky journey .
I am Saurabh , her husband and would like to see more and more..


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7:28 pm Thursday, 2nd March, 2017

Threesome & Gangbang -- Hey fellas Let’s start where we left. Please read the other parts before you go forward.
Next day morning , as I woke up I found me naked and Saurabh was asleep with his..


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4:51 am Wednesday, 22nd February, 2017

Threesome and gangbang - Part three 
Thanks for your compliments , kinky , nasty and erotic comments ! All were counted .. 😉 She is taking a great efforts to pen down the story and we are pretty..


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7:09 am Saturday, 18th February, 2017

threesome & Gangbang  part 2 --- 

Its almost 10 mins past and I was busy sucking his cock on the doorstep itself . Till that time I was not sure , whether door is closed or open or what !! I was in..


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9:28 pm Monday, 13th February, 2017

Threesome & Gangbang --- hey you fellas ! This is Manisha here and we are currently out of country .. I was getting bored here and thought to pen down our story . We dont like just to gather couple..


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Blog Introduction

its good to be naughty and kinky !! No comments on pic , no preference.. ;)

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