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1:15 am Sunday, 29th January, 2017

It was so odd she thought in that twilight zone wherein one transitions from deep stage 4 sleep to yawning, stretching , farting wakefulness. Was it the Chi, or perhaps the Chili Con Carne with..

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2:15 pm Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

One of the innumerable reasons I moved to the Philippines is quite simply, massage. For in the United States only rich people are able to get regular massage therapy. I love getting a massage and it..


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11:47 am Saturday, 3rd September, 2016

She is a late bloomer this love of mine. At the age of 40+ she had never had an Orgasm. I have had to be a super patient boy friend, lover, mentor, teacher.
She now understands how and why I love..

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1:59 pm Monday, 31st August, 2015

The story is not focused upon I, the middle aged Kano retired to the Philippines, whom has this profile.
Rather it is about sex, sensuality, the adult lifestyle when presented to a self described "..

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Blog Introduction

I like sex, what can I say  Women and couples and groups ...

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