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2:43 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

Hi all, 
Its been a while since i posted on the site so apologise for that.
Hope everyones been naughty and still having fun? 
Still having issues matching with people from my area it seems as london..


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2:02 pm Friday, 19th January, 2018

Hi all, its snowy and bloody freezing here in middlesbrough! Starting to get to grips with this site, be good if it matched more people local to me. Anyhoo just thought id pop in a hello to the blog..

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2:06 pm Friday, 5th January, 2018

So only been on here a few days now and got to say im not impressed. Come on guys its says all over my bio im a paid service and dont bother messaging if you just want nudes but..


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7:05 am Thursday, 4th January, 2018

So im here on the site, giving it a try see what types i atract.
Well im 39, from middlesbrough. Thought id have a go at this blog thing and update you all on my progress with all the lovely people..


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Hi im Jay Jay i am a paid service but always happy to chat

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