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We decided to go and that Friday we got dressed up and nervously drove to the club.

It was great really relax and friendly pool and lots of play rooms.After a couple of drinks we walked round and just watched what was going on.That had a real effect on Lucy she was really turned on..

12:16 am Thursday, 29th November, 2007

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Erotica, good, bad and maybe not going again!


Hello all,

Well what a day we had, good things, interesting things and not so good things!

In a nutshell we did enjoy the day, with lots of shopping for new toys including an under bed restraint system etc ('A' even got his nipples pierced!!!) lots..

11:07 am Sunday, 25th November, 2007

Weird (But True) sex laws?


Weird (But True) sex laws?

Most of the following laws are leftover statutes from hundreds of years ago which were simply never repealed. However one or two are still actively enforced. Can you guess which?

1. Most Middle Eastern countries recognize..

10:04 pm Saturday, 24th November, 2007




Since my membership began here at the Hub, my experiences have been mostly positive. Unlike other sites that I..

12:42 am Friday, 23rd November, 2007

Sean's reprise part 3


I luxuriated in the warm, soft, velvet hold of her cunt on my iron cock. Our small movements sent ripples of pleasure surging through me. I started to lengthen my stroke and she matched me, catching..

9:08 am Tuesday, 6th November, 2007

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Sean's Reprise part 2


‘Let’s get some privacy.’ I told her, pulling her to her feet. I gripped her hand hard as we hurried back to the car. There was lust, urgency, desire in that dash. As we drove from the car park her..

9:27 pm Sunday, 4th November, 2007

Selective reading


A lot of people going crazy when they get a pm without asking. They say 'go and read the rules you fucking arsehole...it says don't pm without asking you c*nt'
And it does....it says ' Do not private message someonewithout getting their permission in the main chat room..

11:27 pm Monday, 5th November, 2007

Perfect Day


I am pleased to announce that Stands3 and I got married on Saturday!
Thanks to all the well wishers and lovely messages.
See you at Caz's
Post says sad.....I forgot to change it....naturally I'm deliriously happy


10:08 pm Monday, 5th November, 2007

Sean's Reprise part 1


That Friday night - night out with mates, a few beers and there’s Daisy, Ken’s missus, sliding over to me, thigh pressing mine, breasts brushing my arm, telling me she’s had this sexy dream featuring..

4:10 pm Friday, 2nd November, 2007

Donatello's Massage Parlour Price List


I've branched out and have opened a knocking shop called Dona's Dolls.....but with a difference!
Each of the girls looks like a celebrity! What about that for an idea?
the menu is as follows:
The Assisted Bath £30 with Thora..

4:42 pm Wednesday, 31st October, 2007

face full of juices


hi all. sorry its been a while. well i just had to tell you about this lovely lady i was chatting to the other night.

she asked me if i would perform for her in person so i said yes as always.

when i arrived she opened the door wearing a basque, mini skirt & bright..

9:27 am Wednesday, 31st October, 2007

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Astonishing facts


Did you know:
Did you know that in 16th Century Trannsylvania, vampires used tampons from menstruating women to dangle in hot water to make a brew?
Did you know that 1980's singer of 'smooth operator' soul songstress Sade's great grandfather invented BDSM and was a Marquis?
Did you..

5:57 pm Monday, 29th October, 2007

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Cue Iggy Pop's 'Lust for Life'
Choose sex. Choose a partner. Choose dogging. Choose couples playrooms. Choose afucking big pair of breasts, Choose wanking machines, dildos, cross dressers, and a rubber gimp mask. Choose condoms, KY..

11:22 pm Sunday, 28th October, 2007

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Thea [ part one ]


I knew Thea when i was a kid, she was my best friends older sister. So when me and Imogen were eleven year olds with skinned knees and tide marks behind our ears, Thea was sixteen and a quasi-permanent resident of the bathroom, out of which she would issue every now and then looking [ to me and Imo..

11:00 am Sunday, 28th October, 2007

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Footnote for Dummies Guide to Scat


No I don't want anyone to shit on my chest and no I dont want to shit on anyone either.
I was simply providing a help service.
I get shit on enough being a Forest fan thank you.
Now please stop with the pooping offers

5:55 pm Saturday, 27th October, 2007

Dummies Guide to Scat


So you're thinking of trying scat?
Before you go diving in head first there are some essential points you need to consider.
Mess is the most overlooked one. Where are you going to carry out this activity?
I suggest putting some polythene sheeting down wherever you are going to indulge and..

8:47 am Friday, 26th October, 2007

Erotic Ideas?


Are there any horny people out there? In the last few months since I became single I am starting to really explore different scenes, have held at a few swinging parties and have also tried group sex for the first time - loving it, all that attention!!

Has anyone else got any ideas for..

8:21 pm Thursday, 25th October, 2007

Little Red Rockport Hoodie


Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived a little chavette called Little Red Rockport Hoodie. She used to regularly visit her Grandmother and take round her pension after collecting it from the Post Office.
One day she decided to cut across the recreation ground and through the woods so..

8:48 am Monday, 22nd October, 2007

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My first threesome


It was 12 years since I had my first threesome, I was living in Germany at the time, and I went around to see a friend, because he wanted to buy some sexy tops that I was selling.

I called around one evening, the atmosphere was relaxed, and a bottle of wine had been cracked open. Sue..

1:01 pm Thursday, 18th October, 2007

First time anal song


First you were too tense
You were mortified
Kept thinking you could never fit
My thing in your backside
But you spent so many nights
Thinking how it was so long
This whopping schlong
You learned how you wasn't wrong
I broke your back
I popped your hoop
Now you cant..

10:50 pm Monday, 15th October, 2007

off again on my exploits


well its me again ,im all packed and ready for another onslaught on my holiday,im off to Cyprus again for a 3 week break,takeing my lap top to keep in contact with you all,this time i have packed all my goodies ,and some realy sexy clothes as well,so if any of you are in the region of..

12:51 pm Monday, 15th October, 2007

Enjoying it so far?


Are you enjoying my adventures so far?

Leave some encouragement to ensure further installments!


10:29 pm Saturday, 13th October, 2007

sexy plymouth couple she bi fem,he straight.



5:16 pm Saturday, 13th October, 2007

The Mouse and the Elephant


A mouse was scurrying through the jungle one afternoon when he heard a wailing noise. He scurried through the jungle undergrowth to see an elephant laying on her side with her leg in the air.
The mouse scampered up and stood in front of the elephant and asked 'what's up jumbo?'
The elephant..

8:24 am Saturday, 13th October, 2007

New Fetishes


So many people into BDSM and W/S now. I've thought up some new fetishes for those that are bored.

Pubic fires. Grow your rug for a few weeks then simply rub it with meths or BBQ lighter fluid then apply a naked flame. This is better done in the dark to watch the genital silhouette amongst..

6:52 pm Saturday, 6th October, 2007

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