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Why Are More of Us Not Using Sex Lube?

Do you use lubricants during sex? Well, surprisingly many of us don’t according to a survey undertaken by the American sex toy company Adam & Eve. Over 1,000 adults were asked if they incorporated lubricants into their love-making and they found that only 17% admitted that they frequently used lubricants, 39% said that they included them sometimes, and a whopping 43% said that they never used them at all. Words fail us!

These are fairly big numbers of non to light users and this does show that maybe the good ‘ol sex lube - despite being a very mainstream product - might not be as popular as we think. That said, for anyone who’s missing out on lubrication, then they may well be missing out on some of the benefits it brings. Lubes can help if a lady is suffering from vaginal dryness, can help reduce pain, aid in oral intercourse, and of course our fave: prolong the sexy-times.

Usually, really, really good things that we totally love are really bad for us; stuff like Mc Donald’s, Absinthe, and driving fast are really good examples of this. Not lube though. You can lather it on, slap it on, massage it in, grab a baste and fill it up, get it in your mouth and live to see another day. Hell, you could probably even use it to de-frizz your hair* (move over Pantene): the possibilities are endless. The reason being because nowadays there has been some serious advancements in the lube production department.

And here they are.....

You can purchase natural water-based lubes that are oil and perfume free.

A lube can be silicone based which means that it will last longer and are 100% condom safe.

Add sensation with some warming lube that heats your bits up. The trick is to blow on it to make it even hotter! Or you could even opt for a tingling lube to really turn up the sensation.

Look out for pH balanced water based lubes that act in a similar way to actual bodily fluids. These light formulas also help to moisturize too.

Need a taste sensation too? Lubes also come in many flavors such as banana, cherry, strawberry or chocolate to name a few.

Because the anal region is not self-lubricating you can also purchase anal lubes to help you to get more pleasure rather than pain out of the experience. They too come in a range of flavors, smells and sprays to enjoy during sex.

Overall, we can’t fathom why more of us are not using sex lube because they can’t claim to be boring; from wet, slippy, tingling, hot, cool and tasty, we know that you be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking your favorite lube. If you have any great sex lubes that you want to share then let us know below.

*mental note: must try that!

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Reviews and Comments

As a routine lu e user, i cent understand who its not used all the time. It slips in easier and feels soooooo good from both sides of the cock.

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I am doing job lubricants company.......... hahahaha

I think lube is brilliant x

cant use lubricant yet next time will try

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My wife does not need lubricant, her's is always moist

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we use lubricants, especially when having group sex and Anal sex

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some of us don't need them ;)

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Beats gobbing on the desired area, I find.

Wilko sell KY jelly at a fraction of the price that chemists do!! 

Suggest lubricants name which are easily availble in indian medical stores suitable for vaginal dryness