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What Roleplay Character Are You?

No matter what your daily role is, sometimes it can become a little monotonous and a small amount of time pretending to be someone else can be rather refreshing. Who do you want to be though?

Student and Teacher

Perhaps you are the stern teacher brandishing some form of slipper or belt for corporal punishment or you may be the unruly student who likes to be bratty and backchat. Either way whether you’re getting spanked or dealing out the spanking, chances are you’re gonna have a fun filled time.

Sexy Secretary

You’re a sensual secretary that’s stayed late after work, the hot office totty also has stayed behind. You bite your pen and ‘accidentally’ drop it. You bend down to pick it up in your little skirt that barely covers your bum.


Calling the shots can be many people’s fantasies, those that are normally submissive and unassuming can crack the authoritative whip, especially when they play a role such as a kinky police officer that has a prisoner in their midst. They’ve asked them to spread ‘em so they can give them a thorough search, their prisoner is however being bad and uncooperative. What punishment are they going to receive for their naughty behaviour?

What about treating their boo boos by playing the part of delicious doctor or naughty nurse? This should start with gentle stroking and touching of said ‘injuries’, continue with brushing with your lips against their skin to heighten their senses before you administer their ‘treatment’.

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Reviews and Comments

your perfect sexy beautiful woman

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I really like student and teacher roleplay !!!!

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i like this

student teacher,

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i'd love to do a hot policewoman

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Gotta be just simply....A lady turns up at my door..long coat on.... but underneath shes wearing full works,stocking,suspenders,bra and high heels or boots.. classy but sexy and a serious turn on

French maid and business man in hotel room she give extra services to relive him of the work pressure ..!

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School girl for me

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submissive slut just there for my desire......and many others ....depends on who i am playing with, the energy in the room and access to costumes and props....though i do have quite a collection now.....

It has to be the classic schoolgirl, white knee length socks, t-bar sandals, blue pleated dress and white blouse, with white cotton panties underneath

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Always loved the idea of being a hitch hiker and a women offers me a lift and a place to sleep, but conditions apply.

I am prisoner and mature couples dominates me.

I most enjoy playing the naughty boy, persistent offender, hard spanking, followed by clothes brush or paddle to really tenderise my bottom, or disobedient servant who needs correction therapy from slightly sadistic mistress

I want to be the innocent student exploited by a mature teacher..

I ran out of roleplay ideas now

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Errant motorist stopped for applying lipstick at the wheel offered a caution by policeman as long as he removes my lipstick with his cock

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I like to corner a policewoman who has come to arrest me and teach her a few lessons in law enforcement

I'm a maths teacher so got to be teacher and student but it does sound wrong

Boss an sectary

Tonight in my hause Crawley Tilgate who ready to meet?

I dress up as a schoolgirl for spanking role-play.

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