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What is Erotic Spanking?

Erotic spanking - adults who take part in this kinky act feel aroused when they are either being spanked, or when they are the one administrating the discipline.

Why Do People Like It?

Why would people put themselves through this pain? Because it’s not about a ‘hurt’ pain it’s about a warm pleasure pain, and like an aphrodisiac more than anything else. The act of erotic spanking is not always centered around pain, it’s the submissive feeling of being spanked and the dominant draw of doing the spanking that arouses it’s partakers. According to a large-scale survey across Britain, 20% of men and 7% of women fantasize about being spanked whilst 11% of men and 13% of women fancy being spanked.

It's History

Spanking is not a new concept, in fact the Kama Sutra has a whole chapter dedicated to sexual gratification with your hand, a cane or paddle. In the chapter titled ‘Modes of slapping’, this famous book states: “… sex is a form of quarreling, because the very essence of desire is argument, and its character is perverse.”

Role Reversal

What type of people like this part of the BDSM lifestyle? A lot of people who confess to enjoying the corporal punishment are business people who have to act professional and influential during the day, but at night get home and temporarily resign from their position of power to become submissive to their partners, switching roles. Also normally quiet and reserved people can be transformed into a dominating boss barking orders to their other half as a result of holding a spanking paddle and connecting it with their partner’s rear.

Read All About It

Overall, erotic spanking is playful and not done to cause damage or pain but obviously boundaries and rules must be put down beforehand to ensure safety and satisfaction from both partners. The punishment ‘lifestyle’ is very popular amongst UK married couples and if you want to read a book about it then try: “How to get the spanking you want: the complete guide to asking for it, getting it & making it better” Or “How to give a spanking: Advice from the receiving end.”

So if this sexy act interests you, maybe invest in a spanking paddle or simply try your hand and see if you can be converted to an erotic spanking enthusiast.

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Love to try it.

I love be spanked

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If done correctly it came make me cum it feels so good. I love it

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Anyone else interested in smoking fetish? Fiona in D



Yeah, I can see it. My vehicle is out of order at the moment; but there's woods nearby full of NETTLES! Been my favorite for years.

this women neeeds to be taking to the woods  and spanked