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Ultimate Swingles! - How to Swing When You Are Single

The lifestyle is many different things to many different people. What they share is a fascination with the erotic experience and the pursuit of sexual enjoyment. There are three major categories of swingers: couples, single females and single males. Couples are the foundation of the lifestyle. Single females are comparatively rare.

Not surprisingly, single males are plentiful. A constant new supply of horny men assures that it will stay that way. But what does it take for a single man pursuing the lifestyle to be successful? People in the lifestyle meet many different ways. The most popular venues are through swinger clubs, private parties and websites. For the aspiring single male, clubs and websites are the main vehicles -- since it's pretty hard for a newcomer to get invited to a private party.

Gentlemen's Guide to Successful Swinging.

1. On the site the same members visit again and again and get to know each other quite well. If you insult or offend one couple, the word will quickly spread to others. Alternatively, if you are pleasant and the couple enjoys your company - sexual or otherwise - they will be eager to introduce you to their friends. Of course, swingers like to introduce people with unique sexual qualities to their friends. But don't walk around saying you've got a 12-inch penis, even if you do. If you really do, everyone already knows it.

2. Get to know the lifestyle, the expectations and the realities. Keep in mind that most people you meet are on the site for the same reasons you are. Most swingers aren't out there cheating on their spouse. They're open about what they do, and about what they like to do. Don't think you are going to fall in love, or that you're going to sweep a lady off her feet and away from her husband. Come to have a good time and make some new friends. To be successful in the long run, you need to be the nice guy that's been seen with other couples, not the weird guy that's running from chat room to chat room trying to score. Just about all couples have a set of rules by which they play, and they vary little from those rules. Don't try to change them. You'll fail.

3. Be a gentleman and as upfront as you can. Just because a woman likes sex doesn't mean she likes vulgar language or innuendoes. Good manners and social skills are more important in this lifestyle than just about anywhere else. Leave the pickup lines at home. Ladies in the lifestyle are adults and are not into head-games. They have already heard every line in the book. Again, in the case of couples, introduce yourself to both husband and wife.

4. Just because you talk with someone doesn’t mean that they want to have sex with you. Don't get too aggressive unless you get the clear message that it's OK. When (and if) you get that message, go with it, just don't go overboard. You can even ask again" Is this okay?"

5. Never be desperate enough to insult a member's intelligence with the statement, "My wife wanted me to come here first by myself to check it out, so I'll come back with her next time. How about you and I play now." Every swinger has heard that line over and over again and you will get a reputation.

6. If someone says NO, that's all there is to it. Don't ask them, "Why not?" or "Are you sure -- I'm the greatest lover in the world?" Actually this is the GOLDEN RULE..... The most important rule of the lifestyle is NO MEANS NO.

The successful single male in the swinging lifestyle is non-threatening to the female spouse's virility. He's happy to be sharing in the encounter and he doesn't try to monopolise it. He is also a friend of BOTH spouses and treats both with respect. If you follow these guidelines, you should have a great time and make lots of new, very sexy friends.

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Very good article... I'm still at the curious stage and not ready to brave the clubs yet, love the thought of sharing a lady though.. One day I'll pluck up the courage no doubt!

never get depressed

Guide to being a single female swinger: just show up ;-)

Agreed to you

Hi all

A good article my wife and i have lots of threesomes and single guys are easybto find. A man that is respecful and shows desire yowards my wifevis always the one we select. If you fond the man or woman that you click with then you usually stay with them as screening for new candidates is time consuming and a pain

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I've always been curious to experience the swingers lifestyle and i hope I'll be lucky enough to be introduced to a club or party.

I am into threeesomes but like you said no means no

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I love both women and men I like most all kinds of sex. Love pussy and love cock. Would love to be with a woman and her man
I am a true gentleman and if no means no then I accept it.

Great advice. NO means NO

Nice blog.no means no

Nice article .....any one in india ...

Great article, one thing I always am is respectful of other people's feelings and wishes, thanks one day I should be able to put this to good use

It is all common sense, but common sense is a very rare commodity!

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I have never been a swinger but would love to explore this world... excellent advice for a novice

What is written in above article is a very good guideline. It is not only true for swinger men, but also with couples, private and in clubs. Its also very unpleasant as this rules aren't kept, it turns others off. Peter.

Real meetup for couples and single females! fun loving and fit man here in Mumbai.

Well I have no idea about swinging dating... have many questions that I would love to know about this experience ... thinking a bit about the concept it should be a fantasy! 

Really good article, a lot is just common sense. Treat men and women with respect at all times and you'll be treated the same way. Above all don't be a dick!!

I am raddy to swiging

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I am raddy to swiging

Good article.. No Means No????

I love swap swinger sex but I'm cpl I m SYLHET  

Have been on swinger style single and agree with the article and is a very good guideline for the single guy.  Have visited several clubs and the big rule is NO MEANS NO at all of the clubs.

Interesting, but it all boils down to being polite and respectful 

What is written in above article is a very good. It is not only true for swinger men, but also with couples, private and in clubs. Its also very unpleasant as this rules aren't kept IN line.I am looking forward couples or single females can get me a chance to participate cuckold or 3 some experience.