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Top 3 Classic Porn Movies

There’s no getting over the oldies. Despite what new movie has graced our screens since, we still feel that there are some classic and iconic porn films that will never go out of fashion. If you’re just discovering porn, then there’s no better way to introduce yourself than with these golden oldies.

Debbie Does Dallas

Debbie Does Dallas is truly one of the greats. This light-hearted and inquisitive film centers around Debbie who is trying to raise funds for her trip to Dallas. As part of the cheerleaders, she and her team-mates decide to raise funds together and decide that all of them should go with her. After not having much, luck Debbie and her friends stumble upon a naughty way to raise the money for their trip. Needless to say, Debbie and her friends raise the cash with some hot action and erotic scenes to follow.


This film stars Marilyn Chambers who plays the main character, Sandra Chase. Sandra is a gorgeous model who, after her parents are killed, inherits a fortune. She finds her desires unfulfilled however and embarks on a lead role in a motion picture. Hoping for a better life, she is actually thrown into a world of torrid and erotic sex. This is certainly one to get your pulse racing and if you’re new to the world of porn, it’s a must see for all you newbies out there.

Deep Throat

This classic film, released in 1972 was actually the first porn film to encompass a plot. Linda Lovelace, who plays herself, finds herself with a doctor who discovers her clitoris is located in her throat and helps to develop her oral skills. She takes a job as his therapist to look for a partner as she want’s to get married and performs her ‘deep-throat’ technique on a number of men in order to find the one.

So these are our top classic porn films. What’s yours?

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Reviews and Comments

Wheres the first part of Taboo series? That deserves to be on this list as well.

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I totally agree the taboo series was great

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I love the "shame of jane" (tarzan x) certainly on jane teaching tarzan how to fuck.

Erotic porn cuck films be added

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Surprised Pretty Peaches didn't make the top 3,
Got to have been one of the greats of that era.

how could you leave out the Taboo series, 1 and 2 are classics

I am looking for a copy of sex bizarre.... saw teaser from the 80s and cant stop thinking about it.

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Taboo 1,2,3,4,private teacher, jungle (vivid), confession of milk man satisfaction and so on and also all classic movies need transfer to Blu ray or full HD video

where can i find the taboo series? are they movies or tv series? 


Deep Throat is great