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Tips For Feminisation

Crossdressers everywhere face the rather difficult obstacle of disguising the features that give away their gender. Many are proud of their bodies and don’t care whether they’re obvious or not, whereas others feel uncomfortable and would like to be as convincing as possible. Men dressing as women face a heftier challenge due to their bulk and height than vice versa, so it is a case of making the most of what you’ve got with some handy tips.

Break It Up

When rifling through your wardrobe trying to pick out an outfit, avoid wearing matching colours on top and bottom as this can make you appear taller. If you really want to wear one main colour however, break your outfit up with a brightly coloured belt which will trick the eye into not looking straight up and down your body and make it seem shorter. Although if your waist is one of your problem areas, be aware that this will also make it’s appearance wider!

Bronze Baby!

To help diminish the appearance of your Adam’s Apple you could try some contouring. Dusting bronzer or powder foundation a couple of shades darker than your skin over your Adam’s Apple will help shrink it’s appearance from the front. To disguise it from the sides, opt for a shoulder-length haircut, preferably with soft waves. Despite what many people may think about long hair adding femininity, (which it does no doubt) it can also add the illusion of extra height which you are most likely trying to avoid. Styles that are too short can also accentuate wideness of the jaw so generally opt for the medium option of shoulder-length hair for best results.

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Shoes, along with diamonds are a girl’s best friend! When choosing your footwear, opt for shoes with rounded toes instead of pointy as this will help shorten the look of your feet and help with your feminisation efforts. Also you obviously don’t want to increase your height but a chunky, low heel can give a bit of elegance to your appearance without massively adding height. Another thing to keep in mind is that shoes with a strap can help make your legs appear shorter.

We hope you’ve taken some handy feminisation tips from this article, check out our past Clothing To Feminise Your Features article which gives you some handy tips on clothing-buying and our T-Girl Make-Up Tips Article for even more feminisation information!

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