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Things You Should Say In Bed

If you feel like you need to loosen your tongue during bedroom antics (and we mean speech, you’ve probably got the other type of tongue loosening covered), then we’ve got a few hot and sexy, but not too difficult to say phrases that will really get you and your partner going.

“I’m Coming”

Such a simple and basic thing to say yet it is extremely efficient for getting your partner revved up, especially if they are male as it’s a massive turn off for a man to know that they’re able to sexually satisfy their other half.

“*Insert His/Her Name Here*”

It’s quite common for someone to think of another person that isn’t their sex partner during the act. So, by saying their name out loud they can relax in the knowledge that it’s them you’ve got on the brain and hopefully this will aide their ability to have a mind blowing orgasm.

“You’re So Sexy!”

Sometimes people can feel very vulnerable during sex, whether it be regarding their naked appearance or performance between the sheets. Give them the confidence boost they need by saying “You’re so hot!” or “You’re so amazing at that, keep going”. Hopefully this little leg up in terms of their self esteem will enable them to relax and enjoy themselves more and be filthier for you.

“You Like That?”

It’s a naughty, flirty thing to ask and verifies how much of a good time their having or leaves it open for them to suggest something else that they might like you to do.

“You have such a big cock”

This one probably goes without saying, what man wouldn’t want the ego boost by you saying such things about his manhood. Words such as thick, meaty and delicious are also great adjectives for using about his member that will get him excited and rocket his confidence through the roof.

“Oh Yeah”

The simplest phrase can tell stories if uttered in the right way, best within an agonisingly pleasurable groan under slight moan into their ear.

Get a little bit lippy tonight with these words and we reckon you will be left speechless and panting!

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Interesting article.... Not sure about the first and second one though :-p

M unable to get my mind Free of these moments whole day... Is another nice One...

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I find saying I'm coming is good as too many times they stop just at the wrong moment as I am nearly there that is most frustrating so yes say it they know then and it does make a difference to the ultimate performance

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