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The Evolution of the Swinging Lifestyle

Swingers are leading the sexual revolution in Europe with more and more couples joining in on the fun and meeting other adults on the net.

Walk around your local bookstore and if you search really hard you’ll find the dusted book - “How to have sex with the same person for the rest of your life” stuffed somewhere in the back, as opposed to appearing on the best sellers shelve next to the “Kama Sutra”. The truth is more and more adults are moving away from monogamous relationships and participating in the UK swinging way of life. Adult couples not wanting to have the same sex partner for the rest of their lives are finding other UK local swingers to fulfill their sexual desires. These desires can include anything from vaginal, oral or anal sex to swinging, dogging, participating in threesomes, or having group sex.

The swinging phenomenon has hit the UK by storm and instead of couples cheating on each other they now take their relationship and orgasms to a new high by participating in swinging with adults from their local area. This lifestyle allows both men and women the chance to reject monogamy and to explore their sexuality and fantasies in new and exiting ways.

Swinging can not only enhance a relationship for some, but also improve trust and commitment in a relationship. Experienced couples that have been engaging in swinging for a while found that since they started this lifestyle a greater intimacy grew between them. Understanding their partners’ sexual expectations also became easier. Scientific research was undertaken on couples who follow the swinging lifestyle and the research indicated that 60% of the couples admitted that swinging improved their relationships and only 1.7% said that it didn’t.

What’s great about our adult community is that it encompasses a variety of adult couples and singles, all with different sexual interests and needs. From heterosexuals, bi-sexuals and homosexuals to transvestites, shemales, gays, lesbians, singles and couples; there really is a place for all preferences. Where else can you explore other sexual sides of you in a safe and secure environment without insulting your long time sex partner?

If you’re one of those people who believes that two is company and three’s a crowd, and the only way to go is four or more, then the swinging scene is definitely for you. So the next time your looking at “How to have sex with the same person for the rest of your life” in your local bookstore, then why not find the nearest internet café of wifi hotspot and start meeting other couples or singles in your area online.

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its difficult to find this in Suisse...

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Swinging has been growing among the urban Indian couples. Our married lives have changed since we started swinging. True, the trust and commitment has increased and we are more free with each other about our sexuality.

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It's so interesting to know that the world of sex is moving away from the medieval stereotyped-monotonous sex to brand new no-size-fits all.This is indeed a very wonderful revolution. My only problem now is this: I'm tucked away in Nigeria and we are still far from this reality!Or is there any group like this in Nigeria or West Africa?Anyone knows?

I think you are using the term non monogamous on this article very loosely.