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Tasty Foods To Accompany Sex

If you’ve got a wanting for something delicious then have a read and see if any of these tasty treats take your fancy.

Everybody Loves Ice Cream

Ice cream may seem like too much of a chilly choice, but just think how those sub zero temperatures could get your partner’s nipples standing to attention and heart racing with anticipation. Don’t forget the chocolate and strawberry sauce to ramp up the flavour even more.

Ice Pops And Lollies

Ice lollies are also a fruity and effective option that’ll rev up their senses to full whack and make any touch intense. Careful your flavoured ice isn’t too cold however, as you don’t want to risk chill burns on such sensitive areas.

Whip It Up

Whipped cream is an obvious and infamous choice of edible accompaniment for sex. It’s easily licked up, doesn’t make too much of a mess and tastes fantastic with strawberries or cherries on naked bodies.

Feeling Fruity

Fresh fruit of most forms is great for using during your bedtime fun. Make sure you slice it up into manageable, bite sized chunks and aim for a rainbow of fruits for variety. By dicing it into small pieces you can hide it in all sorts of nooks and crannies for the tongue to find.


Water may not be a food but it’s a brilliant sexual aid for bringing you both along on your quest for earth shaking orgasm. A white tee on a body that’s drenched with water will get most peoples’ motors running and have you writhing on one another’s naked shining torsos.

So if you’ve a bit of an appetite find yourself something and someone tasty to enjoy until you’re fully satisfied.

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nice article


you take everything mentioned here and add chocolate gives you one hell of a session!

Good in potassium

Whipped cream is OK, but make it more interesting with chocolate sauce or melted chocolate


Fun with food ????????

Watermelon it becomes messy but fun