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T-Girl Make-up Tips

There is a fine line between a beautiful transvestite and an overdone tranny. We give all the tgirls tips on clothing and make-up to transform an ordinary world into a fairly tale.

You can easily look too harsh if you put on too much make-up and your outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination. According to our panel of transvestites, who are experts when it comes to makeup and T-girl clothing, "Less is More'' is the motto they stand by.

You Get Out What You Put In

Transsexuals will know that although hormone pills help transform a body to an extent, you do still need to make a bit of an effort with your beauty routine. Male transvestites obviously have more facial hair than the average woman. So a vigilance with your hair removal habits is a must, especially if you choose shaving as your method as the hair will grow back rapidly. Another, longer lasting option is to tweeze, this may sound painful if you haven't popped your tweezing cherry yet, but it doesn't have to be. Before plucking those pesky hairs, hold your face over a bowl of hot water, the steam's vapour will open your pores and make pulling the hairs from their roots easier. Also use your free hand to hold the area that's being plucked taught and use the tweezers to pull the hair out in the direction of it's growth.


Now that your skin is glowing and free of any manly hair, you can wave your very own magic wand - foundation or concealer. We'll start by explaining concealer, it's great for precision application or smaller areas such as blemishes or under eye circles whereas foundation is an meant for your entire face. To achieve an even complexion, choose a product shade that matches your natural skin tone, if you're unsure there are many high street stores that offer free and discrete skin matching services to find the perfect one for you.

Au Natural

The secret to a beautiful transvestite is makeup that appear effortless and as minimal as possible. Choose natural greys, browns and earthy shades for your eyes, steer clear of blues, purples etc at all costs. You will need a blusher that gives a subtle glow applied to the apple of your cheeks, ranging from pink to peach shades depending on your skin tone. Bronzer is also a great addition to your beauty arsenal as when skilfully applied, it will soften facial features that harshen a face and mean the difference between feminine and masculine. Don't let the mention of skill put you off though, practice makes perfect after all and you will develop your technique the more you do it.

Soft, soft, soft!

Your hands are a big giveaway if you want to disguise your gender as a woman’s hands are softer and less worn than a man's. By using a high SPF daily, you will be protecting your hands from the biggest collagen destroyer, UV rays. Even if it's a miserable day, don't skip your suncream as UV rays penetrate cloud and still do damage to your skin. Take a little time to manicure your nails as well or maybe even treat yourself to a professional one and choose a glamorous polish colour. To compliment your lovely look you now need to work on your hair. Soft highlights around your face and a side swept fringe will soften your facial features and look great with your new nails!

It's all trial and error but don't give up, keep practising, follow these tips and in no time you will be a pro and look stunning 24/7!

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Good advice

:) nice ...

Finding your articles really useful. Great advice thanks xxx.
Been dressing since I was 3 but never applied make-up as nobody ever knew until I told my stepdaughter(well she . guessed, smart cow lol...she's been brilliant and helped me with my dress sense but wouldn't help with make-up, rightly so as she said I need to learn myself as I'll feel alot more confident if I've done it myself and no-one looks twice. Im 41 now and still haven't been out, I've been fir walks at night etc but 1 week today is it...she's taking me out on the tiles and I CAN'T WAITHEheHE, said she'll supervise the makeup alright even doll me up ready for.my big night. Bring it on lol and frankly I ain't bothered if anyone does say owt, I've got gender dysphoria so time to make myself happy as.opposed to everyone else, only taken me 41 yrs hehehe
Thx again, great articles xxx 3

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Ther is no way you are tv to pretty