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Swinging Sexbots?!

A HIGH-TECH talking sex robot with multiple personalities, warm skin and the ability to learn is said to be so realistic that she can have her own orgasms.

When it comes to technology, the sex industry is no laggard, and as robots become more human-like in their appearance and abilities, US-based True Company is poised to launch Roxxxy – claimed to be the world’s first sex robot - into the UK this year. Roxxxy however, has many more capabilities than your average sex doll. Apart from having better defined physical features than previous dolls, Roxxxy has been programmed with her own personality and her manufacturers say she can listen, talk, carry on a conversation, feel your touch and respond to it, as well as move her body when she is being “utilized” to deliver an unforgettable erotic experience. There is now even a male version - Rocky the Robot.

The bizarre sexbot, who has had many redevelopments since 2010, is said to now be so realistic she even has a heartbeat and circulatory system – thanks to sensors inside her uniquely configured body.

Apart from the usual options sex dolls come with, purchasers can specify hair color, hair style, skin tone, makeup selection, etc, (the company can also accommodate custom requests), Roxxxy owners may decide to have the sex robot use one of her five other pre-programmed personalities:

Frigid Farrah – reserved and shy Wild Wendy – outgoing and adventurous S&M; Susan – ready to provide your pain/pleasure fantasies Young Yoko – barely 18 and waiting for you to teach her Mature Martha – very experienced and would like to teach you! There is even the option to build a personality yourself, allowing the user to use people's existing personality traits to recreate their ultimate fantasies.

“She interacts just like a human interacts,” says developer, Douglas Hines. “She hears what you are saying as well as where you are touching her and responds as appropriately as possible.”

Roxxxy is flexible enough to allow owners to add to the five preloaded girlfriend profiles and change the existing five personalities to better suit their preferences.

Hines explains that it is possible to share girlfriends/boyfriends (other Roxxxy and Rocky robots) with other owners by “swapping” their customised personalities back and forth online.

“For example, you lend your custom-built girlfriend, ‘Sexy Susan’ to one of your friends online – but he can only ‘use’ her until Sunday morning and then she needs to be returned to you. Until Sunday morning, he can ‘engage’ your girlfriend by using your Sexy Susan personality with his Roxxxy sex robot. You also have the option of sharing your girlfriend with everyone in our forum if you would like. You will also have access to everyone else’s girlfriends, if they allow them to be shared.”

Hines says this is the same as wife-swapping/swinging without any of the social issues and perfect for spicing up a couple’s sex life.

Whether it will be a success, only time will tell.

So there you have it, robot swingers…does the thought get your motor running or make you blow a gasket?

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There was a television series (lasted only one season) that showed sex bots; there's a short series of books (science fiction), with sex bots as well; the concept's not new. Whether they could successfully function and be acceptable in current society is an open question, however. It's be hellishly expensive, though, purely on manufacturing and maintenance grounds alone.

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