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Swinging And Gay Dating Symbols

How do people of same sex perferation and swingers identify other people like them? Here’s a few techniques and symbols that are used to identify one another.

Swinger bracelets and badges

There is such a thing as special jewelry that swingers can buy to alert others to their orientations. This includes badges and bracelets, which supposedly when worn on the left ankle signify that it’s wearer has sex with multiple people at one time. There is even swinging rubber bands available for purchase that are colour coded, with each colour representing the different levels of what a person is open to during a swing.

Friends of S.U.E

S.U.E. stands for Swingers United Everywhere and is an increasingly popular technique swingers use to identify potential swing partners. They can simply ask those whose inclinations they aren’t sure of: “Do you know Sue?” without raising any suspicion. The true underlying meaning of this question is known by most swingers so is a great way they can meet others like them.


The pictorial symbol for a swinger is that of two pairs of female and male signs intertwined, some people opt for a permanent tattoo of the image to show other swingers that they’re one of them, whilst others use temporary press on ones which can be purchased on many swinging websites.


The rainbow is a well known symbol of both gay and lesbian people that unifies them and also lets one another know that they’re of that inclination should they be wearing it.


The labrys is the symbol resembling a double sided axe and has been associated with powerful and divine females for many centuries. Perhaps it is for this reason that it began it’s association with lesbians a few decades back and is now one of their prominent symbolic representations of girl to girl love.

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is there a symbol, for indentifing other CROSSDRESSERS,when in male mode ???

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So, where can these bracelets be obtained?

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It would of been useful to show pics of the symbols as this article is not complete without them .

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Cross first two fingers

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Wanna smash??????????????????

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Good details  shared & it's nice... 

Many swingers use the right ancle with the gender icons identifying how they play.  A small male regular female and large male intertwine bracelet identies a cuckold couple and worn on the wife's right ankle or wrist

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