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Strange Sex

Sex can be strange, you hear things all the time that make you go 'whaaaaat?'  but considering the site we're on, not much phases us anymore. The things you're about to read changed that! Here's some freaky fetishes that creeped even us out!

Licking Knobs, Doorknobs that is...

The Japanese have a rising trend which involves (mainly women) licking doorknobs. Yes the humble door handle has now been somehow transformed into some rather exceptional paraphilia! Imagine your lover telling you that they're going to do something really nasty for you and then start getting off your bedroom door handle, chances are you'd be a little concerned for their mental state! 

Spring-cleaned bum

Klismaphilia is the love of having liquid up your anus, this is effectively what is known as enemas which are used to clean out the rectum. Enemas are nothing special, people use them all the time for health kicks whether it be saline or coffee that they use to flush out their bottoms. Klismaphilia refers to those who get a sexual thrill from it however and make it part of their bedroom  antics.

We’re Just Speechless

Perhaps you’ve heard of bug chasers? If so do you know that they’re not some Ghostbuster-esque pest control unit. No very different, bug chasers have a pretty morbid goal-to have sex with HIV-infected people in a bid to contract the disease themselves! 'Why on Earth would anyone want such a thing for themselves?' you're probably asking as we asked ourselves! It's basically the thrill of risk-taking for them, whilst a few do it for the benefits they receive from the government…madness!

So there’s some fetishes for you to mull over and will probably make you think that any sexual fantasies you have that you thought were a bit weird aren’t at all compared to this lot!

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. dumb struck

An enema can be very sexually exciting.

Bloody hell! Seriously?

Stranger than fiction!!!!

enemas ok but the other is just wierd




M interested