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Smooth and Sexy

Possibly the biggest foe in a T-Girl or TV’s quest for a feminine look is going to be the hairs that adorn their face. There’s always options such as electrolysis and laser but if you’re after a less painful, expensive and invasive option you might just want to adjust your pampering activities.

Get In Shape

If you haven’t already shaped your brows into a style that your happy with then you need to get this right first of all. You can find stencils for brow shapes for very cheap at most chemists. When deciding on what shape to style your brows into, pick one with a softly rounded arch as opposed to an angular look. The roundness of their shape can help give your face the appearance of softer angles. When styling invest in a good pair of tweezers, tweezing can be tiresome and take a while but a couple of hairs removed from the wrong place can give a desired look. So be meticulous and once you have your brows perfected, simply take five minutes out every couple of days to pluck the rogue hairs that don’t belong in your style.

Take It On The Chin

Now for your jawline, if you really can’t stand shaving, there’s always depilatory creams which you leave on the area that you would like to be treated. The product will break down the hair’s molecular integrity, leaving it at about the same level as would have been done with shaving, just beneath the skin. The pros of the cream are that you don’t have to deal with shaving rash or nasty nicks and cuts, along with the avoided monotony of shaving.

Right Under Your Nose

So your face is all lovely, smooth and gorgeous but we see a few hairs poking out still, this time from your nose. Easily rectified, as much as you may like to grab these bad boys with your tweezers and rip ‘em out to be done with them, avoid doing this as the skin inside your nose is too sensitive to handle that kind of trauma, instead invest in a nasal hair and ear hair trimmer. These are so cheap to buy and can keep pesky hairs at bay for a couple of days at a time.

We hope you’ve got some sound advice from this article and we look forward to seeing your gorgeously manicured faces on the site!

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Reviews and Comments

I tried dep cream on my face once what a mess looked like ascabby boiled lobster

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Hi you look hot

Once tried to wax 'down below' myself to save money ..which had me contorting in different positions...attempting the correct angles...falling over ...bumping my head...the waxing was painful....the result was a weekend of walking bow legged...bits swollen and red...a bag of frozen veg attached to my undercarriage...so sore I didnt have sex with myself for a week.....lesson learnt..pay the extra for a beautician to do it...!

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I epilate, very smooth and lasts for ever


Very sexy